Relacart professional wireless performance microphone detonated the scene of the festival de chanco 2020 Music Festival

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On February 14-15, the Chilean Festival De Chanco 2020 music festival was broadcast live on South American TV station Lared, and tens of thousands of people gathered in the music hall.
The El Festivaldel Cantar Mexicano Guadalupe del Carmen is a festival with a long history, although its name originates from the city of Chanco in the province of Coquenes in the Maur region of Chile. Since 1980, the festival has welcomed many musicians and singers in most parts of South America to pay tribute to Mexican music.
On Friday, February 14, this grand music banquet was hosted by the famous local presenter Eduardo de la Iglesia and his good partner Julia Vial ) Announced with Relacart UR-222D dual-channel diversity wireless microphone, followed by the mythical character "Fulanito", the Argentine band "Organization X" and local "Valenal Tropical Band" and "Vicho And Las Gaviotas ".

Hosts Eduardo de la Iglesia and Julia Vial used UR-222D Dual-channel Wireless Microphone

On Saturday, February 15, the famous Spanish duo "She Dances Alone" and "Dangerous Friendship" Alberto Coesa (Alberto Comesaña), the rancher "Black Cat" also appeared in this event, of course this summer "Humorous" is an indispensable event. The ones responsible for bringing laughter to the audience are "crazy humor" (Friday) and "punk memo" (Saturday). Finally, the "Magic" band brought down the screen for this performance.
The two daysmusic feast, the presenter Eduardo de la Iglesia and partner Julia Vial use the Relacar microphone UR-222D dual channel diversity wireless microphone.
In a wide venue and enthusiastic audience, the Relacart microphone overcomes long-distance and signal interference and achieves a stable and clear sound transmission effect. The highly dynamic Relacart wireless microphone system fully conveys the joy and passion of the two presenters through the clear and beautiful sound, which is enough to stimulate the enthusiasm of the audience and inspire the South American people's enthusiasm for music. 

Hosts Eduardo de la Iglesia and Julia Vial used UR-222D Dual-channel Wireless Microphone

UH-222 Wireless Handheld Microphone

The UR-222D wireless conference system has an ultra-wide frequency band UHF554MHz ~ 936 MHz, which can automatically select frequencies and uses CPU smart antenna diversity reception; 32 adjustable frequency  per channel, a total of 64 adjustable frequency  for dual channels, a total of 24 frequency bands can be provided 768 adjustable frequency for users to choose, 134MHz bandwidth transmitter, the four transmitters with different frequencies band can be changed freely, convenient for adjustment and management.
It has [AFS] automatic frequency scan function, which can automatically search and lock on to an open interference-free frequency, with [IR] infrared automatic frequency matching function, it can immediately make the transmitter automatically and accurately lock the receiver working frequency. The stable PLL phase-locked oscillation circuit, coupled with the "noise detection" mute control function, can effectively block noisy and noisy radio frequency interference in the working environment.

UR-222D Dual-channel Wireless Microphone

UR-222D condenses the technical essence accumulated by Relacat for a long time, with advanced technology, stable performance, exquisite appearance, convenient operation and superior professional quality to win the market. This series is suitable for high requirement night club, multi-function room, hotels, and conference room and medium to large performance.
Chile Festival De Chanco 2020 music festival ended with unique music and people's cheers. Relacart professional wireless performance microphones will also take this passion and continue to use professional wireless audio transmission technology to transmit beautiful sound.
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