The 9th Guangzhou International Light Festival was held!

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One of the world's three major lighting festivals: the 9th Guangzhou International Lighting festival opens! This year's lighting Festival adopts the 1 + 9 City wide linkage innovation mode for the first time, integrating the theme of "auspicious flower city brings forth new brilliance", so as to let the bright lights shine on the city.
In the past nine years, [Relacart wireless audio] as a professional audio partner has witnessed the brilliance and success of the lighting Festival! This time, Relacart presents you with the light and shadow charm of the lighting Festival!

▲Opening ceremony of lighting Festival

▲Immersive experience of lighting Festival

As an old friend of Guangzhou International Light Festival, the organizer has repeatedly selected the Relacart HR-31S True Diversity Wireless Microphone System and antenna amplification system to deliver wonderful and clear voice for the host and other staff, and to escort the whole process!

▲Relacart H-31 Wireless Handheld Microphone

Relacart H-31 Wireless Handheld Microphone+T-31 Bodypack Transmitter

▲Relacart HR-31S True Diversity Wireless System+Amplifier

Relacart HR-31S True Diversity Wireless Microphone system is a wide band diversity wireless audio system specially designed for large-scale stage performance. The digital control software of RWW wireless system developed in cooperation with innovation has strong performance and stable characteristics. It can use computer network to monitor on-site, search for radio interference points in the actual environment and frequency blind spots on the stage, control and modify system settings It can achieve the most satisfactory results in various complex professional performance environments.
HR-31S adopts True Diversity receiving mode, and two antennas can choose the strong receiving signal end to receive at will. This mode can greatly eliminate blind spots and avoid the mute or dead point noise caused by the problem of signal transmission. [AFS] can automatically search the cleanest and undisturbed frequency in the actual environment and lock it on the undisturbed channel in the actual working environment.
Hr-31s has an ultra wide bandwidth, 32MHz broadband design, and more than 1280 frequency can be selected. Stable PLL phase locked oscillation circuit, combined with "noise detection" mute control function, can effectively block the noisy RF interference in the working environment.
Relacart system has the characteristics of reliable performance, damage resistance and durability. Low noise signal amplification function and signal enhancement function can provide the best reception effect for the required coverage.

▲HR-31S Single channel True Diversity Wireless System

Relacart antenna system can use any 50 ohm low loss coaxial cable to connect the antenna to the receiver or antenna distribution system. The light and smart appearance structure is convenient for carrying, erecting and installing. It can be fixed on the microphone bracket, suspended on the ceiling, or fixed on the wall with the integrated rotatable bracket.

R-22au Wide-band Directional Antenna

This lighting festival will bring new and gorgeous works and full of atmosphere of acousto-optic experience for all citizens and tourists. As a professional audio partner, [Relacart wireless audio], the Relacart HR-31S true diversity wireless microphone system and antenna amplification system will continue to help the lighting Festival!
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