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At 18:18 on August 8, 2019, the 18th  China-ChengDu 2019 WORLD POLICE & FIRE GAMES opened in Chengdu Shuangliu Sports Center!
This is the first time that the event has been held in Asia. It is the largest sports event in the history of Chengdu, with the highest level of internationalization and the largest number of single-entry foreign visitors. End of August 8, the total number of athletes, relatives and technicians registered for the World Sports Council reached 10,963. Participants from 79 countries, regions and international organizations gathered in Chengdu to launch a wonderful competition with the theme of “joy and glory”.
Opening ceremony
A total of 56 competitions were set up in this session of the World Sports Council, including 48 regular sports, 4 police special sports, and 4 fire special sports.
At the opening ceremony, athletes from all over the world walked into“Happy Avenue” and “Glory Avenue” with the cheers of the audience and actors. Two lovely “Panda Reporters” cheerfully interacted with the athletes entering the stadium. As the Chinese athletes finally entered the scene, the atmosphere at the scene reached its peak, and applause and cheers resounded.

With the powerful slogans and music, 60 police motorcycles, 24 fire engines, 1 police car and 12 fire trucks and other police equipment were on the scene. The atmosphere was once again warm.


Event venue analysis
The venue of the event, Chengdu Shuangliu Sports Center, is a multi-functional modern stadium with a gymnasium, training hall, swimming pool, training ground, tennis court, basketball court and volleyball court. It was completed in July 2008 and is an important landmark in Shuangliu District. It has held more than 20 international, national, provincial and municipal sports competitions and large-scale events. Shuangliu Sports Center covers a total area of 234 acres, with a total construction area of 37,495 square meters.

Due to the wide openness of the venue, the large number of people, and the distance between the audience and the actors, the site conditions present a big challenge to the stability and clarity of sound transmission. How to ensure the expected performance in outdoor conditions, and smoothly convey the theme and concept of the World Security Association to the audience with a perfect and clear voice. This is an urgent problem to be solved at this opening ceremony.
Relacart P1 wireless performance system helps the WORLD POLICE & FIRE GAMES opening ceremony to be a complete success
In order to ensure the smooth opening of the WORLD POLICE & FIRE GAMES, the performance is high-level and accurate, providing the most exciting performance for the audience. The Relacart single-channel true diversity wireless performance microphone system delivers the most beautiful sound for the singer.

The wireless performance microphone system has an ultra-wide bandwidth, and true diversity reception ensures stability. AFS automatic frequency scan function, can automatically search and lock on an free frequency. Auto-selection eliminates dead spot and avoids frequency breaks. The true diversity receiving system adopts two identical receiving circuits to minimize the noise and leakage caused by radio frequency interference, which can effectively block the noisy radio frequency interference in the environment and ensure the sound clarity, and is suitable for various high-demand performance occasions.

The Relacart single-channel true diversity professional wireless performance microphone system adopts the international EIA standard 1/2U metal material chassis, which is elegant with the simple LCD display. Ultra wide frequency band UHF522MHz~936 MHz, AFS function, true diversity reception of dual channel receiving circuits. The true diversity receiving system uses two receiving circuits of the same channel to minimize the noise and leakage generated by radio frequency interference. It adopts noise locking and PLL circuit design to effectively prevent radio frequency interference of other microphones and improve signal-to-noise ratio. It has [AFS] automatic search for the cleanest, interference-free frequency function in the actual environment, with [IR] infrared automatic frequency matching function, it can immediately make the transmitter automatically and accurately lock the working frequency of the receiver. The stable PLL phase-locked oscillating circuit, combined with the "digital pilot" mute control function and the "noise detection" mute control function, can effectively block noise and radio frequency interference such as computer equipment, karaoke device and DVDs in the working environment. The receiver has a bandwidth of 32MHz and can use up to 10 systems simultaneously in the 32MHz range. The transmitter's bandwidth is 134MHz, and the ultra-wideband performance is greatly facilitated for debugging and management.

The Relacart R-22AU directional active antenna is also used in the event. Its lightweight structure makes it easy to carry and install. It has the characteristics of reliable performance, damage resistance and durability. Through its gain setting, we have expanded the effective distance of audio equipment and improved the stability of audio equipment and wireless signal transmission.


Relacart HR-31S single channel true diversity wireless microphone system and R-22AU directional active antenna to help the WORLD POLICE & FIRE GAMES opening ceremony a complete success! The Relacart Professional Wireless Performance Audio System is unanimously recognized by the organizers for its superior performance and consistent quality.
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