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The exhchange lecture”When Western area meets Broadway“,which was held by Xiju Art Center and WE Culture Broadcast Company,was held in Xijuhui Art Center. The speaker is leading of Xijuhui Art Center Wang Yuhan teacher and the executive director of WE Culture Broadcast Company Ms Xie yi. Wang Yuhan teacher was originally an actor, especially knowledgeable at arts and culture. Xieyi has been active between Britain and China media and cultural fields, good at interdisciplinary collaboration and project operation, is committed to promote the musical exchange between China and the United Kingdom.

(WangYuhan teacher is making speech)
(The lecture in site)This lecture mainly share hare musical life and musical family category, the Anglo American musical differences and the latest international musical trend with the attending musical fans. Two sets of Relacart HR-31S True Diversity Wireless Audio system is used in the lecture, whole lectures gathered from around the world who are fond of on plays and musicals and happy to exchange, as a listener also benefit a lot from it, perhaps this is the charm of the musical.
(Xieyi Teacher used HR-31S Headset Microphone)The Art Center, which is led by Wang Yuhan, was originally designed to create a new life of city art. As is known to all, with the improvement of people's living standard, everyone's life has from the level of material comfort over to enjoy the spirit of the rapidly changing society, people's preferences are diverse and at the same time, life and work pressure also increases ceaselessly, party in drama communication culture also began to towards the direction of diversification, at this stage have children play, let the children in the theatre practice in the liberation of nature, strengthen the power of expression; adult drama, "drama therapy more commuters decompression, increase communication between person and person; besides, to create hold a number of programs and activities, such as the original musical “100% Dad".
(Interactive Game at the Scene)Lecture attendance of about 100 people, although we do not know each other, but in the musical the music or plot triggered emotional resonance but let each other barrier vanish, in the communication process in Xieyi use the HR-31S Wireless Audio System matched headset microphone, wide pickup range, clear voice, matched Relacart T-30 bodypack microphone, lightweight, aluminum alloy material, convenient for walking and interactive games. According to the theme of the day, Xieyi teacher played a small interactive games with us, hopes to deepen the knowledge of Western Area musicals and Broadway musical differences and understanding; Wang Yuhan director used handheld microphone, tells the story of the musical and dramatic culture influence on life and its significant role, and the play party will take these emerging cultural introduction to the country, so that more people involved. During this period, Relacart HR-31S true diversity wireless microphone in room acoustics is exceptionally clear smart, the presence of people all listen to with relish. True diversity technologies of Relacart HR-31S this due to force and ultra wide band design and Relacart independent research and development of AFS with automatic frequency search function, can search out the clean, interference-free frequency, to protect the stability of signal transmission, avoid fault frequency and mute phenomenon occurred. The two teachers have added appreciation to this set of equipment from Relacart.
(Lecture at the scene)Musical bring us pleasure and beauty, unconsciously lecture time is in an atmosphere of joy spent. Relacart has been the powerful backing for the activities or live performances, and also took part in the Xijuhui musical communication activities, look forward to future more cooperation.
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