SA-960 Wireless Spectrum Analyzer

SA-960 is a spectrum analyzer specially developed for wireless frequency management. The frequency is visualized and controllable, 
creating a stable wireless working environment for the scene.
The ultra-wideband scheme is adopted, and the frequency scan is up to 960MHz, the on-site interference frequency is clear. 

SA-960 Spectrum Management Controller
• ANTENNA: Receive signals from the live radio. It also provides DC12V 150MA power supply for the antenna distribution system.

1. Rack mount holder: Fixed installation.
2. Display: Display monitoring status, radio frequency graphics and signal strength.
3. Data display navigation setting button:
          GLOBAL: Set to full frequency scan, scan frequency
                          range: 240-960MHz.
               SPAN: Frequency range, press the SPAN key once to adjust the scan frequency range through the encoder, and press the SPAN key continuously to  increase
                           the scan range in 50MHz steps within the preset range of the system. (Press the “SPAN” key and the font turns red to operate this function)
           LEVEL +: The level display overall upward (the maximum display level amplitude is 90dB, the maximum setting range: +10~-110dB)
           LEVEL -: The level display overall downward (the maximum display level amplitude is 90dB, the maximum setting range: +10~-110dB)
4. Function operation knob (encoder):
          Control: Turn the encoder screen clockwise/counterclockwise to display a cursor, and you can see the frequency at the current cursor position.
5. PUSH: Confirm the setting, press "Encoder" to set the current cursor position as the center frequency.
  Power switch POWER. (With indicator light)
6. Anti-pull device: used to fix the connecting cable of the external power adapter.
7. DC IN 12V/1A: DC power input socket, connected to the power adapter.
8. ANTENNA: Antenna interface, which can be connected to the antenna directly. 
Frequency range: 240-960MHz
Step frequency: 1-720MHz
S/N: +10~-110dBm
Interface: BNC
Power supply: DC_12V /1000mA
Main Frame Size: EIA standard 1U
Dimensions (mm): 410(W) x 206(D) x 43(H)
weight about 2Kg
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