WMS-1 Wireless Management System

WMS1 is a wireless frequency management system, can be used in real-time scanning the interference-free frequency at site,Frequency scanning up to 960MHz, make the 
wireless space frequency visible. Connect the wireless receiver through the RS-485 communication protocol, 
the software can be used to monitor and control the wireless communication system in real time.

WMS-1 Spectrum Management Controller
• NETWORK: Connect a router or computer to communicate with the control software
• RS-485: Connect to the wireless microphone and send information to the control software for real-time monitoring.
• ANTENNA: Receive signals from the live radio. It also provides DC12V 150MA power supply for the antenna distribution system.
• Display: Display the AFS function to monitor the wireless frequency status in real time.
Frequency range: 0HZ-2.7GHZ
Step frequency: 25KHz-5MHz
S/N: -75dBm@0.5G
Interface: RJ11、RJ45、BNC
Power supply: DC_12V /1000mA
Main Frame Size: EIA standard 1U
Dimensions (mm): 410(W) x 206(D) x 43(H)
重量: about 2.2Kg
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