UR-111S UHF Single Channel Wireless Microphone



Key Features:

  • ● Metal materials EIA-standard 1/2 - rack receiver chassis, antenna diversity.

  • ● The transmitters offer durable, magnesium bodies, soft-touch controls.

  • ● Bright and easy-to-read LCD display shows RF/AF, diversity strengths; transmitter battery level; meanwhile, can set up selective channel, frequency, mute and other working status.

  • ● Press the "AFS"(Auto Frequency Selection) button 3S and the receiver will auto-scan and lock on to an open, interference-free frequency.

  • ●  Press [IR] button to upload automatically the receiver frequency to the transmitter.

  • ● PLL (Phase Lock Loop frequency control) design ensures transmission reliability, "Noise Lock" squelch effectively blocks stray RF.

  • ● Four frequency group in total, 40 channels, providing more than 400 adjustable frequency for the users.

  •  Battery life is twice as common, up to 15 hours.

  • ● Designed for use on professional tours, muti-functional halls, meeting room, concert halls and houses of worship. Stable functions, reliable and flexible performance, easy to install.




    UR-111S Receiver

    EIA standard 1/2U metal rack receiver chassis, offering new style and simple LCD display.
    Bright LCD display can simultaneously display the working channel or frequency, RF&AF signal stats, transmitter battery consumption as well as mute level.

    Main Frame Size: EIA STANDARD 1/2U

    Channels: Single Channel

    Frequency Stability: ±0.005%  (0~50°C)

    Carrier Frequency Range: 554MHz~936 MHz

    Modulation Mode: FM stereo modulation

    Oscillation: PLL synthesized

    Receiving Sensitivity: 5dBμV, S/N>60dB at 25 deviation

    Band Width: 32MHz

    Max. Deviation Range: ±45KHz

    S/N: >105dB

    T.H.D.: <0.7% @ 1KHz

    Frequency response: 45Hz~18KHz ±1dB

    Operating Range: 60M typical ( in open space)

    Power Supply: DC 12V / 12W

    Weight: 1.0kg

    Dimension (mm):205(W)x43(H)x206(D)

    Output Connector: XLR balanced & 6.3φ phone jack unbalanced

    UH-1 Wireless handheld microphone


    • Handheld wireless microphone, simple design style and ergonomic concept, durable metal material, multi-function LCD display. Touch switch design. The capsule of handheld microphone can be removed and replaced.  It’s suitable for speech, singing and other occasions.


    Carrier Frequency Range:554MHz~936 MHz

    Oscillation:PLL synthesized

    Harmonic radiation:≤45 dBm


    Band HF : 139MHz(797 MHz~936 MHz)

    Band AD : 134MHz(662 MHz~796 MHz)

    Band EJ : 97MHz(554MHz~651 MHz)


    Microphone Element:Cardioid Dynamic / Cardioid Condenser

    RF Power Output:8MW/15MW

    Battery:AA X 2

    Current Consumption:110mA typical

    Battery Current / Life:Approximately 10hours

    Dimension:52(Φ) X 255L)

    Weight:208g (w/o battery)




    ET-60 Wireless bodypack transmitter


    • bodypack-style wireless microphone, simple design, lightweight and practical engineering materials, durable, multi-function LCD display, built-in input selector switch, can be used to facilitate the instrument. The standard mini XLR microphone interface is suitable for a variety of well-known headset and clip microphones on the market. It is suitable for applications such as speech and singing.


    Carrier Frequency Range:554MHz~936 MHz

    Oscillation:PLL synthesized

    Harmonic radiation:≤50dBm


    Band HF : 139MHz(797 MHz~936 MHz)

    Band AD : 134MHz(662 MHz~796 MHz)

    Band EJ : 97MHz(554MHz~651 MHz)

    Max.Deviation Range:±45KHz

    Input Connector:4-pin mini-XLR connector

    RF Power Output:10MW/40MW

    Battery:AA X 2

    Current Consumption:110mA (typical)

    Battery Current / Life:Approximately 11hours

    Dimension:84(H) X66(W) X 23(D)

    Weight:116g (w/o battery)

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