PM-100 Professional Condenser Microphone


• According to the frequency characteristics of human voice, electro-acoustic technology is applied to design and provide a clear reproduction of the original sound. It is especially suitable for professional performances on medium and small stage.
• The cordioid directional pickup can effectively enhance the main sound source and suppress background noise.
• The microphone tube body is made of metal material, with low noise and strong durability.
• High strength anti-slip metal mesh can effectively protect the microphone from damage.
• The sound transmitting unit has the function of air filtration, and can eliminate the breath noise when singing.
• The structure of multi-layer head protection network can strengthen the protection of recording broken sound without affecting the quality of high-pitch sound.
• PM-100 is used in professional radio work. It requires 11V to 52V phantom power supply. It can be powered by phantom power on the mixer or by Relacart P-48V1S single-channel phantom power supply.
• The XLRM Cannon output of the microphone is a low impedance balanced output. The microphone's audio signal is eventually output by pins No. 2 and No. 3 of Duke Cannon, while pin No. 1 is connected by ground wire (shield). The output phase will be placed on the 2 pin on the positive phase level.
• In order to avoid phase offset and distortion, all microphones must be connected with pins in the form of 1-1, 2-2, 3-3.
• Built-in high-pass filter circuit can reduce the jet sound of the microphone when it speaks at close range. It can also reduce the low-frequency noise in the radio environment (such as the engine sound in the outdoor car, the wind sound in the air-conditioning system, etc.), the echo in the room and the mechanical vibration sound.
• Exposure of the microphone to high temperatures may result in gradual and permanent reduction of the output level. It should be avoided to leave the microphone in the sun or to keep it in a place where the temperature is over 43 degrees C for a long time, and extreme humidity should also be avoided.

Capsule Type Backplane polarized electrostatic capacitance type
Polar Pattern Cordioid Unidirectional
Frequency Respond 50Hz-20khz
Sensitivity -44 dB (1V/Pa)
Output Impedance 280Ω
Max windstand sound pressure 120dB,1KHz at 1%T.H.D.
Dynamic Range(Typical) 115dB,1KHz at max sound pressure
S/N >72dB(A),1KHz at 1Pa
Phantom Power 11-52VDC
Current Consumption 4mA(Typical)
Output Connector Built-in 3-pin XLR-M
Size(mm) Φ51x190
Weight(g) Approximately 365 


Function Introduction
 1. Microphone head: it is the main element that transfer sound to audio signal.
 2. Connection way: connect to XLR-F connector cable
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