WAM-402 Digital & Wireless Automatic Mixer


WAM-402 full automatic intelligent wireless mixer is a new business conference solutions,DSP processor with high performance, adopt advanced digital control technology and audio processing technology, easy to achieve high quality signal processing,intelligent management in the real-time, flexible configuration, etc. Enable to set up a wireless conference system in a fast speed. According to any occasion and application, equipped with RS-232 interface can be connected with various central control equipment. Applicable to all kinds of business meetings, educational institutions, hotels,conference rental,system reconstruction etc.  

Key Features:

  • UHF band 522 –936MHz wireless automatic mixer for a maximum of four wireless microphones.
  • Bright and easy-to-read LCD display shows RF/AF, level and other operation status. Automatic gain adjustment by microprocessor control.
  • 5-unit daisy chain by accessory link cable to control up to 20 units microphones.
  • Select the simultaneous open microphones to 1 unit, 2 units, 3 units or 4 units.
  • Set the Priority Microphone.
  • Specific circuitry helps control feedback.
  • Corresponding various kind of application in conference room due to priority-select function and gate-hold time setting
  • Last microphone on selectable for continuous room ambiance.
  • Microphone hold time for 0.3s to 1.5s.
  • Several inputs / outputs for audio signals:
  • -- RCA outputs to realize long distance with low noise transmission.
    --RCA input / output for recordings.
    -- Unbalance line output (6.3mm jack ).
  • -- Balanced XLR outputs
  • RS-485 interface for external auto video tracking system VTS-1000 or intelligent central control system.
  • Cooperates with RELACART wireless boundary microphone UB-1, wireless conferencing microphone UD-1, handheld microphone UH-1 or lapel microphone UT-1.
  • The WAM-402 wireless automatic mixer is ideal for meetings, seminars, teleconferencing, house of worship services, broadcast and conference applications.
  • Multiple input/output:
    Implement S terminal series audio signal input and output;
    Implement RJ11 function series input and output;
    A balanced line output interface (XLR socket);
    Implement RS - 232 serial port communication protocols.


WAM-402 Receiver 
Tuning Bandwidth 522MHz~936MHz
Bandwidth 32MHz
Receiving Mode PLL、FM
Image Rejection >60dB
Adjacent Channel Rejection 300KHz ≥63dB
Intermodulation Attenuation ≥65dB
RF Sensitivity S/N>60dB at 25 deviation
Squelch  Adjustment 5~30dB
Frequency Sync IR Sync
Maximum output Level +12dBu
Adjustment range of audio output level 00 ~25
Power Requirements DC 12V / 1A
current consumption DC 12V,630mA
Overall Dimensions(mm) 410(W)x216(D)x43(H)
Net Weight 2.5kg

UD-1 Wireless conference microphone
• Desktop gooseneck wireless conference microphone, simple design, durable metal material, multi-function LCD display, built-in high-pass filter and gain adjustment, silent touch switch. Suitable for various applications in government departments, institutions, etc.
Carrier Frequency Range: 522MHz~936MHZ
Oscillation: PLL Synthesized
Harmonic Radiation: ≤50dBm
Bandwidth 134MHz(It depends on the region)
Max. Deviation Range: ±45KHz
RF Output Power: 13mW
Battery:  AAx2
Current Consumption: 130mA(Typical)
Battery Current/ Life: Approximately 9 hours
Microphone Lengths: 340mm/420mm(default)/480mm
Weight: Approximately 830g (w/o battery)
Color: Nickel Black

UH-1 Wireless Handheld Microphone
Carrier Frequency Range: 522MHz~936MHz
Oscillation: PLL Synthesized
Harmonic Radiation: <50dBm
Bandwidth: 134MHz(It depends on the region)
Max. Deviation Range: ±45KHz
Microphone Element Dynamic/Condenser(removable)
RF Output Power: 10MW/40MW
Battery:  AAx2
Current Consumption: 110mA(Typical)
Battery Current/ Life: Approximately 11 hours
Microphone Lengths(mm): 52(Φ)x255(L)
Weight: Approximately 285g (w/o battery)

ET-60 Wireless Bodypack Transmitter
• bodypack-style wireless microphone, simple design, lightweight and practical engineering materials, durable, multi-function LCD display, built-in input selector switch, can be used to facilitate the instrument. The standard mini XLR microphone interface is suitable for a variety of well-known headset and clip microphones on the market. It is suitable for applications such as speech and singing.
Carrier Frequency Range: 522MHz~936MHz
Oscillation: PLL Synthesized
Harmonic Radiation: ≤50dBm
Bandwidth: 134MHz(It depends on the region)
Max. Deviation Range: ±45KHz
Input Connector: 4-pin mini-XLR connector
RF Output Power: 10MW/40MW
Battery: AAx2
Current Consumption: 110mA(Typical)
Battery Current/ Life: Approximately 11 hours
Dimension: 84(H) X66(W) X 23(D)
Weight: 116g (w/o battery)

UB-1 Boundary Microphone
· Desktop wireless interface microphone, simple design style, durable metal material, multi-functional LCD display, built-in high-pass filter and gain adjustment function, silent touch switch, can set switch mode, suitable for video conferencing, all levels of institutions and other occasions.

Carrier Frequency Range:  522MHz~936 MHz
Modulation:  FM
Harmonic Radiation:  <45dBm
Bandwidth:   134MHz(It depends on the region)
Max.Deviation Range :  ±45KHz
Elements:   Fixed-charge back plate, permanently polarized condensder  
Polar Pattern:  Cardioid ((120°sound-pickup angle)
RF Output Power:   10mW
Dynamic Range:  >95dB,A Weighting
Audio Potentiometer:   -10~10dB
Frequency Response:   50Hz-17KHz
Low-cut Switch:   200Hz/-6dB
Battery:  AAx2
Current Consumption:   130mA(Typical)
Battery Current/Life:    Approximately 9 hours
Dimension (mm):   110(W)x40(H)x110(D)  
Weight:  Approximately 505g)

 WAM-402 System Connection Diagram 

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