CS-101 Conferencing Discussion System with automatic video tracking   


CS-101 Conferencing Discussion System with automatic video tracking   

(The CS-101 desktop conference discussionsystem)

(CS-101 Embedded Conferencing DiscussionSystem)

CS-101 system overview

The CS-101 is a compact and affordable audio conference system with automatic video tracking, yet meets all essential requirements for audio discussion applications. Easy installation and simple operation for variety of mini/medium type conferencing rooms.


CS-101 Embedded Conferencing DiscussionSystem with automatic video tracking is a professional hand in hand conferencediscussion system, which support video tracking and real-time recording, usinghand-in-hand connection, can be extensible. And multi-person discussion canalso cope with. The system is self-contained and can be operated independently,and the connection wiring is very simple, can effectively save the equipmentinstallation costs, create a higher economic efficiency and bring a convenientoperation experience to the user.

This series is paired with CS - 101BC andCS - 101BD embedded chairman unit and delegation unit. The design of embeddedmicrophone unit is beautiful, in a compact size and have advanced level ofmodernization. The system can connect with VTS-1000 automatic video tracking,support video tracking and real-time recording. What’s more, the system addsthe latest intelligent voice control mode of Relacart. Open this mode, users donot need to operate it by hands, speaking directly to the microphone, you canactivate the microphone to speak.

This series is aim at user requirement.This intelligent system is affordable and simple operating. It is design for largeand medium-sized conference room. It is ideal solution for conference system.




System Features


●Advanced conferencing technology, compliant with ICE60914.

●Bright LCD display operation screen, with Chinese and English Language menu for choose, perfect function and easy operation.

●Active 1--4 microphones in a time, chairman unit has the priority to override all delegate units.

● Auto microphone-off if no input sound in 1--60S.

● Control for up to 60 speaking units.

●Control for up to 3 camera in series.

●Different Camera licence compliant, or specific licence requirement.

●Easy installation, simple operation.

●High quality voice resolutions, especially designed for mini/medium type conferencing rooms.

●Stable and reliable connecting cable.

●Audio insertion facility to connect external audio processing devices or telephone couplers.

●Pretty and fashion design.

●Tabletop or mounted in a 19’’ rack.

●Two operational microphone modes:

---- Voice activated: Sound to open the microphone, when the maximum number of speakers is reach, subsequent microphone speaks.


--- FIFO: when the maximum numbe of speakers is reach, subsequent Talk key units with override of activated microphones.


Technical Specifications

CS-101M Central Controller


Electric Voltage for Power

AC 100-240V 50/60 Hz

Current consumption


Audio Input


Audio Output


Frequency Response

65Hz – 15KHz




Tabletop or mounted in a 19’’ rack



Dimension(W X H X D)


Weight (KG)



CS-101C/D  CS-101BC/D Chairman Unit





•Delicate and fashion design, easy to use.

•Advanced conferencing technology, compliant with ICE60914.

•Priority bottom to switch off the speaking unit.

•With illuminated ring.

•Unidirectional condenser microphone for high quality sound pickup.

• Black or white for selection.




Frequency response


Current Consumption


Output Power

2 X 300mW


Fixed-charge plate, permanently polarized condensers




Dimension for base     (WxHxD)

Without soft tube microphone 105(W)x43(H)x150(D)



Microphone Length(selectable




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