CS-101B Embedded Conferencing Discussion System with automatic video tracking 


CS-101Embedded Conferencing Discussion System with automatic video tracking 


CS-101Embedded Conferencing Discussion System with automatic video tracking is aprofessional hand in hand conference discussion system, which support videotracking and real-time recording, using hand-in-hand connection, can be extensible.And multi-person discussion can also cope with. The system is self-containedand can be operated independently, and the connection wiring is very simple,can effectively save the equipment installation costs, create a higher economicefficiency and bring a convenient operation experience to the user.


Thisseries is paired with CS - 101BC and CS - 101BD embedded chairman unit and delegationunit. The design of embedded microphone unit is beautiful, in a compact sizeand has advanced level of modernization. The system can connect with VTS-1000automatic video tracking, support video tracking and real-time recording. What’smore, the system adds the latest intelligent voice control mode of Relacart. Openthis mode, users do not need to operate it by hands, speaking directly to themicrophone, you can activate the microphone to speak.


Thisseries is aim at user requirement. This intelligent system is affordable andsimple operating. It is design for Large and medium-size conference room. It isideal solution for conference system.

  • One central controller can connect up to 45microphone units. If equip with EXP-12V45, can connect up to 104 microphoneunits.

  • Cardioid condenser pick up, wide frequencyrange, flat response curve, high output, can provide clear, smooth and highfidelity sound quality.

  • Automatic gain audio processing circuit, Effectiveprevention of feedback and improve the clarity of the whole system.

  • Relacart's core RF filteringanti-interference technology ensures that the RF interference of mobilewireless devices such as smart phones will not be affected.

  • The design of the double gooseneck microphonecan be flexibly transferred to any position, with a foam windscreen, which canreduce the appearance of indecent snorting and other situation in the speech.

  • Using the anti - shedding aviation cable hand- hand connection. The connection is simple, reliable and stable, and theentire installation cost of the system can be reduced.

  • The embedded design of the microphone unit isbeautiful and generous. The bottom is embedded in the table, which caneffectively prevent the sound interference caused by the movement and othercauses.

  • Two operational microphone modes:

    --- Voice activated: Sound to open the microphone, when the maximumnumber of speakers is reach, subsequent microphone speaks.

    --- FIFO: when the maximum number of speakers is reach, subsequent Talkkey units with override of activated microphones.

  • The CS - 101BC chairman unit has the Prioritybutton, which is used to control the order of speech, can cancel all statementsof representative units, and controls the atmosphere of the meeting.

    • Has recording output, which can be connectedwith recorder, and all the meeting record can be saved, also can connect with amplificationequipment.

    • The system can connect with VTS-1000automatic video tracking, holding video conference.

    • Connecting telephone coupler can be useddirectly in teleconferencing.




      FrequencyResponse: 65Hz-15KHz



      AudioInput: LINEIN:0dBV(f=1KHz,THD<0.3%)

      AudioOutput:  XLR:8dBV 



      WorkingTemperature: —10°C~40°C



      CS-101M Central Controller

      Main Frame Dimension: EIA Standard 1U

      Mains Voltage: AC100-240V 50/60HZ

      Current Consumption: 45W


      Chairman/Delegate Unit Interface: Anti drop 9P aviationplug

      RS-232 Control Interface: Can connect with IntelligentCentral Control System and Video Tracking System.

      Dimension: 410 mm x 206 mm  x 43 mm

      Wight: approximately 2.3kg


      CS-101BCChairman Unit

      Mains Voltage:  DC12V

      Capsule:  Cardioid condenser

      Maximumcurrent loss: 110 mA

      CurrentConsumption: 1.3W

      ChairmanUnit Interface: Anti drop 9P aviation plug

      Prioritybutton: control the order of speech, can cancels all statements ofrepresentative units, and controls the atmosphere of the meeting.

      MicrophoneLength(mm): 340mm/420mm(default)/480mm

      Base Dimension:100mm ×38 mm ×85 mm

      Weight:approximately 680g



      CS-101BD Delegate Unit

      Mains Voltage:  DC12V

      Capsule:  Cardioid condenser

      Maximum current loss: 110 mA

      Current Consumption: 1.3W

      Delegate Unit Interface: Anti drop9P aviation plug

      Microphone Length(mm):340mm/420mm(default)/480mm

      Base Dimension: 100mm ×38 mm ×85 mm

      Weight: approximately 680g

      Color: black






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