EG1 series


EG1 series



 l Model:

 EG-115 (length 380mm)

EG-118 (length 450mm)

   EG-121 (length 530mm)


EG series is a capacitive super-cardioid directional microphone with wide frequency response, high-quality sound collection performance, built-in audio coupling transformer, ultra-low output impedance, designed for professional recording, TV broadcasting, conference, court and other high requirements. Radio application;


The EG series is equipped with a 100Hz high-pass filter, which can be attenuated by a flat frequency response curve to below 100Hz. It can reduce the jet sound of the microphone when speaking at close range, and can reduce the wind noise of the air conditioning system in the environment and car engine sound, echo in the room also.


Built-in power supply module uses DC 11V~52V phantom power supply; the microphone casing is made of all-copper precision casting, durable, and has excellent shielding performance, realizing true 0RF anti-radio technology, avoid interference from mobile phones or other wireless devices when picking up sound effectively. The microphone adopts the double gooseneck design, which can flexibly adjust the pickup head to the desired position, and attach a windproof sponge cover to reduce the inflated jet sound when talking;


Low-impedance balanced audio output.




Microphone type condenser
Polar Pattern Cardioid
Frequency response 20Hz-20KHz
High-pass filtering 50Hz, 18dB/octave
Sensitivity -44dB, to 1V at 1Pa
Output impedance 280 ohms
Maximum sound pressure 120dB,1KHz于1%T.H.D
Dynamic range (typical) 115dB,1KHz at the highest sound pressure
S/N >72dB(A),1KHz at 1Pa
Switch straight, high pass filter
Phantom Power Supply 11-52V DC
Power consumption 4mA (typical)
Output connector built-in 3-pin XLR-Male
Best pickup distance 10-20cm
Size and weight EG-121 530mm  about 190g


EG-118 450mm  about 170g

EG-115 380mm  about 150g


Frequency response curve


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