MAS-D Microphone Array System


 TheMAS-D Microphone Array System adopts a metal streamlined desktop design, which is stylish and succinct. It also has a unique microphone array technology and an integrated microphone module, which improves the range and quality of the array microphone and ensures that the speaker is specific. It ensures that the speaker does not affect the sound effect within a certain range. Eliminating the gooseneck microphone and the larger pickup range gives the speaker more space to use.

The MAS-D Microphone Array System provides a silent electronic switch that controls the microphone's radio operation and provides a microphone work indicator. When the red light is on, the microphone is muted, and when the green light is on, the microphone is in the radio state.

It adopts POE power supply and Dante protocol, and professional RJ45 connection. Only one network cable is connected to the switch with POE power supply. It can be combined with other Dante devices to form the system output sound. It is easy to install and is ideal for various conferences, lectures and recordings.

Thanks to the unique microphone module circuit design, the array microphone has a pickup distance of 80CM and a deeper pickup range, and the pointing characteristics are significantly improved compared with the general cardioid microphone.

MAS-D Microphone Array System feature radio frequency interference (RF) shielding technology that provides outstanding protection against radio frequency interference and avoids interference such as mobile phones when receiving radio.

Technical Parameters:

Frequency response: 20-20000Hz

Input impedance: 2.2KΩ

Sensitivity: -11dB at 1KHz@1Pa

Signal to noise ratio: 65dB at 1KHz

Maximum input level: -14dBA at 1KHz@1Pa

Pickup distance: 80CM

Port: RJ45

Power supply mode: POE IEEE802.3

Power consumption: 2.3W

Weight: 350g

Dimensions: length 320mm * width 60mm * height 31mm

DANTE network: RJ45 connector, CAT5 or CAT6 network above 100Mbps

Frequency response curve:



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