Block 4 Dante Networked Audio Interface

Dante is a network protocol, which bases on the three-layer IP network technology, provides a low latency, high precision and low cost solution for point-to-point audio connection. Dante technology can apply to transmitting high precision clock signal and audio signal and can perform complex routing in Ethernet (100M or 1000M), to ensure a perfect sound effect; to solve the problem of complicated wiring of traditional audio transmission, reduce the cost. Adapt to the existing network, do not need to do special configuration


Block4 is a Dante-enabled digital audio switch combining 4 input and 4 output. 


•Connect directly to network via Ethernet cable-no need for expensive audio cable or soldering

•Powered by network PoE: PoE IEEE802.3af standard

•Easy operation, simple mechanical gain adjustment switch, clear working indicator

•48V phantom power

•4-channel analog audio output, equip with four indicator

•Equip with network connection indicator, network audio indicator, power indicator, reset switch

•RF anti-interference design

•Firm alloy furnishing 


•Output Level: 18dBV

•Audio Input Gain: 10dB, 20dB, 30dB

•Audio Connector:  standard quick connector

•Frequency Response: 20HZ~20KHZ±2dB

•Dynamic Range: 110dB

•T.H.D.: 108dB, 1 kHz at 1 Pa

•Power Consumption: 5W

•Input Impedence: 2.2KΩ

•Output Impedance: 600 Ω

•Dimension: 166mm X 83mm X 44.6mm

•Weight: 0.5KG

A true plug-and-play solution, Dante uses standard Internet protocols to distribute digital audio and control data with very low latency. User no need professional network trainning, Dante devices run in the basic Dante environment, Dante software will carry all the basic function automatically.

We need a Dante-enabled mixer, wireless microphone and power amplifier. All the equipments need to connect to the current switch board, all the Dante devices set to default. The connection is not complicated and no need professional knowledge, before connecting to the network switch board, just use the common CAT5 or CAT6 network cable to connect the Primary port of Dante devices, then connect to any port of the 100M or 1000M switch board, (Remark: Dante can not run in WiFi environment, it replies on the stable wired network environment to transmit perfect audio)

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