DAM-128D 12 channels Digital Automatic Mixer with Dante interface 


12-channel digital automatic mixer isthe perfect combination of digital control technology and digital signalprocessing, high-performance DSP as the core design, fully automatic work,without human intervention.

12-channel digital auto mixer withautomatic opening only the signal input channel, the sound gate action levelcan be automatically adjusted, this function is only in the microphone when theworking state will be activated, can try to avoid multiple open microphonesound' quality falling down. . Easy to install, just set the session on thespot, that can play an automatic function, do not worry about the setting work.And can be selected according to the needs of automatic processing or forced toclose the microphone manual processing function, under the auspices of thehost, can make the meeting smoothly.

Digital intelligent conference processoris the perfect combination of digital audio and digital control technology tohigh-performance DSP as the core, with dedicated control software, each channelcan be set and adjusted in detail, comes with 12X8 matrix, support multiplelevels , All intelligent conference management, can easily form a set ofpowerful, easy to operate digital intelligent conference system. .It isapplicable to the high demand of court, business center, conference center,hotel and TV station.

• 12 inputs, 8 outputs,intelligent digital mixer supporting Dante protocol;

• Equipped with 12independent input working channels, each channel can be individually adjustedinput gain, and supports Dante input channel conversion; Dante output, withoutaffecting each other;

• Standard 1U all-metalchassis with aluminum front panel • Clear and bright LED light on the frontpanel for displaying audio frequency input and output status at any time,Encoder with scale indication controls the volume of four MASTER outputs anddisplays the output volume scale, mute indication, Distortion indicator, outputLINE / MIC indication;

• 40-bit floating-point, working frequency> 450MHz high-speed DSPchip, combined with Relacart core technology team independent research anddevelopment of digital audio auto-mixing algorithm has always maintained themost realistic voice shows; and support for the Dante microphone mixingFeatures;

• Support for 8 mic input channels with 48V phantom power; 4 linearinputs; 4 Dante audio or Dante microphones for free switching of inputchannels; independent mute control and phantom power control. priority  and pressure limit adjustment per channel;4-band parametric equalizer, frequency, Q value, amplitude adjustable; shedfilter settings to eliminate unnecessary noise in the band; multi-stagefrequency-adjustable high and low pass filters, to show more good transientresponse

• 4-channel MASTER analog output and 4-channel Dante digital signaloutput at the same time; each output is equipped with 31-segment graphicequalizer, can be adjusted as needed, LINE / MIC output level switching;limiter, howling suppression settings, Very effective limit the output level,to protect the next level of audio equipment or speakers; According to theactual application of the distance between the speakers (0.5M ~ 100M) to selectthe corresponding sound output delay parameters; each output mute volumeindependent control;

• 12 inputs, 8 outputs Dante, analog digital mixing matrix control,suitable for a wider range of applications;

• support mute and other control parameter grouping Settings;Theconference scene mode is saved to provide a very convenient debugging mode forsimilar venues;

• Dante network audio interface, support the collocation of any Danteaudio equipment, and implement the computer upper computer software control andI Pad software remote control setting parameters value by adopting TCP/IPconnection mode;

• Dante network audio interface that supportsany Dante audio device and sets the values of the PC software and IPad softwarethrough TCP / IP connection.

RS-232interface, open protocol, to achieve a number of controls;

• Support for online firmware updates;

Support NOMmulti-channel microphone automatic attenuation adjustment, the maximum numberof open microphones support 1 ~ 8;

• Closed Threshold Adjustable channel off attenuation level.

Product Specification:

Dynamic Range (20 Hz to 20 kHZ,
A-weighed, typical)
Analog-to-Analog :  100dB
Harmonic Distortion 1 kHz, +4 dBu out, mix output (MASTER) at +0 dB <0.05%
S/N (22 Hz - 22 kHz, RMS, A-Filter) 118dB
Common Mode Rejection Ratio 150Ω balanced source, at 1kHz >60 dB
Number of input channels  MIC * 8、 Line * 4、 Dante * 4
Maximum Input Level(Gain Max) Mic: +6 dBV  Line: +25dBV
Maximum Gain Mic: +65db   Line: +20db
Number of output channels Analog * 4、  Dante * 4
Maximum Output Level Line(+0):+21dbu MIC(-20):+1dbu
Dante Interface 4 * 4
AD/DA Converter 24bit,  48KHz
Internal Processing 40-bit, floating point DSP
DSP functions Input, output equalization, limiter, FBK, matrix control, threshold control, high and low pass filter
FRQ range 20hz-20khz
Phantom Power +48V/12mA
Network Interface 10/100 Mbps Ethernet, Dante digital audio
Main Frame Size: EIA standard 1U
Dimensions 410mm *43mm *206mm
Weight Approximately 2.7 Kg
Operating Temperature Range 0 ~ 40℃

DAM-128D Software Operation Interface

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