CONFER X   64-channel digital automatic mixer


CONFER X is a digital automatic mixer with 64-channel input and 16-channel output, which is independently developed by Relacart and the global-first creation. 64-channel input, 16-channel output analog and DANTE digital hybrid matrix control are suitable for wider application engineering. 1-32 automatic mixing channels can set each channel independently and open valves. It can set the most suitable valve level according to the environmental noise, echo and the channel near the loudspeaker. It is suitable for any harsh meeting environment. And the hold-time is adjustable, ensure that your meeting is smoother. 


Product characteristics:

intelligent management

●The main controller adopts TCP/IP connection mode and can connect special software to realize remote control of conference system, remote diagnosis and upgrade. 

Practical function

●Through TCP/IP connection, can set every parameter by the computer software and the remote setting of the iPad software

●Limited selection and pressure regulation can be set for each channel.

● Four-segment parametric equalization, adjustable frequency, Q value and amplitude;

●The greenhouse filter can eliminate unnecessary noise in the frequency band.

●High-pass and low-pass filters with adjustable frequency can exhibit better transient response.

●Encoders with scaling indicators can control the volume of four channels, and can set any input/output channel to display volume scale, mute indication, distortion indication and output LINE/MIC indication respectively. Each encoder is equipped with an OLED display screen to display channel name and channel volume value.

Flexible expansion

●Built-in DANTE digital audio card can connect the mixer to any Dante device.

●RS-232 interface can be used to connect central control and camera tracking.

●Without the use of software control, multiple DMC-500 mixer controllers can be connected to adjust the commonly used channel volume.

 ● 64-Channel Dante input, channel1-32 adopt DSP algorithm auto mix, channel33-64 support analog input conversion.

● 16-channel independent output, 8 channel is analog signal output, 8 channel is Dante signal output

● 4 channel is line input(RCA plug), can be switched arbitrarily in 33-64 channels and can not be set repeatedly.

 ●Full digital signal processing, built-in high-pass and low-pass filters, limiters, matrix, etc. The basic operation is connected to the computer with special control software, which can make detailed settings and adjustments for each channel.

● 64 x 64 Dante and analog mixing matrix control, suitable for wider application engineering.

Dynamic Range (20 Hz to 20 kHZ, A-weighed, typical) Digital-to-Analog :  100dB
THD+N Harmonic Distortion 1 kHz, +4 dBu out, mix output (MASTER) at +0 dB <0.05%
S/NS/N(22 Hz - 22 kHz, RMS, A-Filter) 118dB
Common Mode Rejection Ratio 150Ω balanced source, at 1kHz >60 dB
Number of input channels AUXx4、 Dantex64
Maximum Input Level Channel input AUX Input (Lotus): +25dBu
Number of output channels Analogx8、  Dantex8
Maximum Output Level Line(+0):+21dbu   MIC(-20):+1dbu
Dante interface 64 (input) X 8(output)
AD/DA Converter 24bit,  48KHz  
Internal Procesor  40-bit, floating point DSP
DSP Functions Input, output equalization, limiter, FBK,matrix control, threshold control, high and low pass filter
FRQ Range 20hz-20khz
Network Interface 10/100/1000 Mbps Ethernet, Dante digital audio
Main Frame Size: EIA standard 1U
Dimensions(mm) 410(W)x43(H)x206(D)
Weight Approximately 2.7 Kg
Power requirements ~110V-240V   50/60Hz  60W
Operating Temperature Range 0℃ ~ 40℃


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