Mi2 Dual channel digital wireless microphone system

Relacart MIPASSPORT series is a mini-size, full-featured wireless microphone system, designed and manufactured by Relacart. At the same time, can be single channel, dual channel use. The transmitter built in an electrets microphone, which can be clip on the collar directly, or it can be connected to the lavalier microphone by an external input interface. It is used as an ultra-small bodypack transmitter.
Mipassport uses ISM’s global unlimited 2.4G frequency band for transmission. The receiver and transmitter are automatically paired successfully within 2 seconds after powering on, and the effective use distance reaches 50 meters (open and wide occasions). Both the receiver and the transmitter use an OLED display to display the current product information. The output volume is adjustable. The 3.5mm TRS output is used to connect to digital / SLR cameras, camcorders, recorders, tablets, mobile phones and other devices to assist in picking up high fidelity Audio.
For interviews, micro-video recordings, or business presentations.

l The body is small and easy to carry;
l Adopt 2.4G ISM global unlimited frequency band transmission;
l Widely compatible with computers, digital / SLR cameras, camcorders, voice recorders, tablets, and mobile phones;
l Both the receiver and the transmitter use a high-brightness OLED display;
Built-in electret microphone, also supports external lavalier microphone, output volume can be adjusted;
Built-in lithium battery, charging with USB 5V;
Automatic connection or one key pairing after power on.
After the pairing is successful, the power-saving mode will be performed within 30 seconds(without affecting performance).The receiver screen will dim, and the transmitter screen will turn off.
When the transmitter and receiver is not connected within 2 minutes, the equipment will be shut down automatically.

Transmission frequency band: 2400MHz ~ 2483.5MHz
Audio frequency response: 100Hz ~ 16KHz ± 3dB
Dynamic range: 93dB (Circuit performance)
Signal to noise ratio:93dB (Circuit performance)
Maximum input voltage: 97dB SPL(built-in microphone)
Pairing type:Automatic
Effective Working Distance:20m(there is block)50m(in open space)
Working temperature: -5 ° C to + 50 ° C

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