SM-2 Shotgun Condenser Microphone

SM-2 is a shotgun condenser microphone specially designed for photography, interviews and recording. Adopts sound pickup interference principle and long sound collecting pipe design,  It can provide high sensitivity and super-cardioid directional characteristics, resist radio frequency interference effectively and pickup more clear vocal sound. SM-2 built-in a 100Hz high-pass filter, which can prevent low-frequency noise effectively such as air conditioning and other environmental noises from being recorded. It can be powered by AA (1.5V) batteries or 48V phantom power for professional audio recorders, cameras and power supplies. Equipped with an anti-vibration frame, which can reduce the hard noise caused by the vibration of the equipment during photography and interview recording, and the attached windshield can minimize the slight wind and popping noise during the recording process.

.Metal structure, strong and durable.
.Super-cardioid directional, providing high-quality recording effects.
.The circuit has low noise and clean recording.
.100Hz high-pass filter selection.
.48V phantom power or AA (1.5V) battery power supply.
.XRL 3-pin socket input and output.

Microphone type:  condenser microphone
Directivity: super cardioid
Frequency response: 50Hz-20KHz
Output impedance: 350Ω
Maximum input sound pressure level: 130 dB SPL, 1KHz@1%THD
Signal to noise ratio: 105dB (A weighted), 1KHz@1%THD
Dynamic range: >110dB
Sensitivity: -51 dB@1V at 1Pa
Switch: Through/High Pass Filter
Length: 280mm
Weight: 110g

Frequency response curve

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