MIXX16 Digital Mixer


MIXX16 Digital Mixer

MIIXX16 Digital Mixer is a 16 input and 8 output digital wireless control mixer, is a new mixer through the tablet computer application control, can support all Apple iOS tablet, Windows 8 tablet. Using Wi-Fi to connect, anywhere in the wireless network within the scope of control. With 16 channels of broadcast quality microphone amplifier (including 4 modular jack), 2 main output, 6 auxiliary output. Adopt high performance 40 bit floating-point digital signal processor, 24 bit AD/DA converter. Built-in effects processor, compression and limiter, threshold, parametric equalizer... Wireless control mode makes you can walk between the on the stage and the crowd. It is 16-channel digital field mixer that with the iPad tablet computer perfect touch on the scene.



● Intuitive touch control, covering almost all the major mixing functions.

● The mixer interface can be adjusted for each channel control, including solo, mute, audio-visual, fader,

you can see the full level meter.

● Channel interface control powerful DSP effects, including 4-band input channels PEQ, High-pass filter, compressor, gate primary and secondary channels, including 31-band graphic EQ, Limiter, effects channel including reverb and delay.

● Each channel can edit their own names and icons for easy identification, the icon can be imported from a picture library.

● + 48V phantom power on each channel can be individually switch.

● Very low noise, high dynamic design.

●6 auxiliary output can be used to monitor the mix.

●Shared global reverb and delay effects.

●Seamless access, you can adjust the sound target domain any location,  you can also go directly on the stage to adjust respective monitoring, access control allows the players on stage have the ability to adjust their own monitoring.

Technical index:


Sample Rate:24bit,48kHz

Frequency Respond: 20 Hz to 20 kHz  +0/–1 dB

System Delay:1.5 ms

T.H.D. :<0.005%

Noise-Mic input to main output:-72 dBv  Single channel-Max fader(A weighted)

-90dBv  Single channel-Min fader(A weighted)

Input crosstalk (adjacent channel):<–120 dB @1 kHz

S/N:93dB  Single channel-Max fader(A weighted)

Dynamic Range:110dB  Single channel-Max fader(A weighted)

CMR:>70 dB @1 kHz

Input Impedance:30 kΩ(1/4″)

Gain:0  to  60 dB (XLR);–20  to  40 dB (1/4″)

Output Impedance: 600Ω(XLR Balance)

Max Output Level:+21 dBu(XLR Balance)

Power Supply:DC 12V-15V  (3.5A)

Dimension(mm):359(L) x 85.5(H) x 411(D)

Weight:Approximately 4.2kg

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