BW-30 Wired boundary microphone

With its first-class design and perfect performance, the BW-30 wired boundary microphone has become the best choice for speech and language reinforcement in studios, courtrooms, classrooms and conference rooms. A unidirectional sensor is built in to reduce environmental noise interference. The best conditions for use are on a solid, smooth surface that reflects sound. Due to the built-in ultra-low noise amplifier, the microphone can pick up and restore clear, natural sound.

Product feature

• Good RF shielding effect, isolate RF interference effectively 

Super cardioid
• Adopts a hemispherical unidirectional feature and excellent sound pickup to ensure high-quality speech intelligibility.

Excellent workmanship
• Molded casting, rugged alloy casing and anti-slip rubber on the bottom to reduce the impact of tabletop vibration on the microphone

Concealed installation
• For solid or suspended ceiling installation
• Designed for ceiling or desktop mounting

Clear sound quality
• Hemispherical unidirectional feature for excellent sound pickup.
• Low-impedance balanced audio output for smooth and clear sound.

Easy installation
• Comes with accessories: elastic rubber ring
Installation: Mounting holes with elastic rubber ring: ∅24mm (15/16”)
Mounting holes without elastic rubber ring: ∅20mm (13/16”)
Maximum thickness of desktop/ceiling: 57mm (2.25”)

Power supply: DC18-52V phantom power supply
Power consumption: 4mA (typical)
Capsule type: Backplane polarized condenser
Directional : Hemispherical unidirectional
Frequency response: 20Hz-20KHz
Sensitivity: -42dB to 1V at 1Pa
Signal to noise ratio: >74dB
Maximum sound pressure level: 120dB, 1KHz at 1%T.H.D
Output resistance: 200 ohms
Dimensions (mm): 124 (long) x83 (width) x 30 (height)
Weight (g): 292g
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