TM-500 Dual Channel Wireless Microphone

Brand: Relacart
· Model—— Receiver:TM-500 ;Pen-type microphone:TM-5H; External Sychronizer:EC-50

·TM-500 is a true diversity wireless receiver developed by Relacart independently. It can be uses with external frequency controller that can be synchronize the microphone automatically, and it can be connected to the central controller, and has returning pages and cascade function.

·TM-5H handheld microphone has novel appearance, small size, advanced PLL technology, built-in removable lithium battery, USB-TYPE-C charging interface. Low power consumption, continuous working time ≥ 8 hours on one charge.

·The antenna diversity FM superheterodyne reception is adopted to ensure the stability of the received RF signal and the receiver's own anti-interference; the operating frequency range is 521MHz ~ 938MHz according to the radio wave control laws and regulations of various countries.

·The receiver is equipped with LED segment displays, which can clearly display receiver information, such as channel, RF and AF signals.

·Use the channel group mode, and there are 50 channel groups in each frequency band for user selection.

·128MHz wide-band transmitter, four receivers in different frequency bands can be used interchangeably, which greatly facilitates engineering debugging and management.

·With [IR] infrared automatic synchronization frequency function, the transmitter’s infrared window facing the infrared window of the receiver and press the "SYNC" button. The transmitter is automatically and accurately synchronized to the receiver's operating frequency.

·With "AFS" automatic frequency search function, according to the preset frequency to scan and calculate the interference-free working channel quickly and accurately.

·With Relacart's classic audio companding circuit, reduce the noise from the radio wave transmission to a minimum, and ensure the sound pickup effect.

·The BNC antenna jack can be connected to coaxial antennas and extended antennas, and provides antenna voltage, supports connection to the Relacart antenna distribution system, Extend multiple devices and enhance the receiving distance and improve the signal stability. 

·Applicable to schools and offices. It has stable function, long receiving distance and easy installation.

·Compliant with RS-485 communication protocol

TM-5-H transmitter
RF carrier frequency range: 521MHz ~ 938MHz
Frequency stability: ± 0.005%
Working distance: 50m (ideal environment)
Audio companding: Relacart's classic audio companding circuit
Audio frequency response: 50Hz to 18KHz / ± 3dB
Dynamic range :> 100dB
S/N (A weighting):> 100dB
Total harmonic distortion: <0.6%@1KHz
Operating temperature range: -10 ℃ to + 50 ℃

EC-50 Infrared Extension Synchronizer
·The infrared extension synchronizer can provide a larger and better receiving effect in the required coverage area, and expand the working range and stability of the
wireless system. As long as the receiver and the transmitter are aligned within a range of about 30CM can achieve the synchronization. After the synchronization is
completed, the infrared extension synchronizer will make a "dee" sound.
·The EC-50 can be installed on the indoor wall.

Working mode:MCU control
Infrared frequency:32KHz
Power supply:DC 12V
Normal working current:50mA

TM500 wireless charging base

TM-500 Receiver
Product model: TM-500
Receive bandwidth: 521MHz ~ 938MHz
Receiving method: FM super heterodyne true diversity reception
RF sensitivity: 5dBv, S/N≥60 dB at 25KHz deviation
Squelch adjustment: set
Frequency synchronization method: IR Sync
Maximum output level: maximum output + 11dBV
Output level adjustment range: set
Power supply: DC12V / 1A
Normal working current: DV12V, 330mA
Dimensions: 410mm (width) x43mm (height) x206mm (deep)
Net weight: 1.8Kg

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