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IMIC-3 digital wireless microphone is a typical wireless microphone breakthrough. With advanced digital modulation and processing technology, adopt advanced digital modulation and processing technology, improve the audio quality and ability. The design of the pen microphone is wireless microphone, laser pen and PC flip pen. It greatly facilitates the needs of modern teaching, improves the teaching conditions of teachers, reduces the incentives for teachers suffering from occupational diseases such as pharyngitis, and makes students easier. Listening to the teacher’s lectures and improving the quality of teaching. 

Key Features 

Feature Anti-Interference
· The new and real digital diversity technology, each channel is received by two complete receivers respectively, each received signals will be restructuring in the receiver, and the result have come out from the reorganization will be very reliable. 
Digital transmission in the 2.4GHz ISM band-license-free operation worldwide, avoid interference from radio、TV transmitters in the UHF bands、mobile phone tower and other high energy source.
With the characteristic of Bluetooth、 WIFI and other 2.4GHz standard devices coexistence. Using multiple technologies to ensure the audio data stability, strong anti-interface capability.
Clear Sound Quality
· Operation within a wide range, whether 5m or 50m, the signal remains stable from the beginning to the end, the audio quality maintains clear and stable in each range. 
With 24 bit sampling precision, low delay transmission technology. Digital technology provides the audio response of a cable, without companding. 24 bit digital converters, up to 110dBA dynamic range, and 20Hz ~ 20kHz bandwidth.
AFS (Automatic Frequency Selection)
· Automatic Frequency Selection, automatic scanning noninterference frequency, wireless synchronization of the transmitters via infrared interface from receiver, you can match without pairing easily, which improves the efficiency of management greatly. 
Multifunction Design
· The pen-type microphone HM40 is integrate with the design of wireless control and laser pointer with remote control. It brings a great convenience for modern teaching.
Energy Conservation
· Microphone has chargeable circuit, and use the Micro-USB connector of International mobile communication standard. When charging, only need to connect the connector of cell phone charger or the USB connector of USB. Built-in removable lithium batteries, low power consumption, can work continuously for eight hours or more. Equip with QI CERTIFICATION crystal wireless charger.
Intelligent Design
· With intelligent power management function, adopt the latest technology to auto mute, free fall to mute, auto power off function.
Real-time including LCD indicators display performance parameters, operating channel, RF and AF strength. 
Compact size and convenient
· The pen-type microphone H-IMIC-3 we produced is compacting size and convenient. The transmit-receive system’s hardware circuit is controlled by microprocessor. It has a LCD display, which can show us the power, signal and so on. The physical button is designed for adjusting volume. H-IMIC-3 also has a 3.5mm microphone input external connection and suspend device, we can use it flexible. The design of internal microphone has a good effect of adapterization, it can use by hand or wear. The 3.5mm universal input socket can connect external microphone and MP3 player.
Flexible expansion
· The receiver has RS-232 connector, it can communicate with center control device. The center control device can receive all information from the receiver, or set up the receiver’s function through agreement.


Carrier frequency range: 2.4 GHz ISM band
Frequency response: 20 - 20,000Hz(±1 dB)
Sampling rate: 16bit,48khz
Signal to noise ratio: >90dB
Distortion factor: <0.2%
Output Impedance: 100Ω
Operating distance: 30 meter
Operating temperature: -10°C~47°C


IMIC-3M Dual Channel Wireless Receiver

RF output: 400mV
Output impedance: 100Ω
Audio output interface: 3×6.35mm socket
Size(mm): (L)185X(W)145X (H)50
Weight: about 490g
Power supply: DC 12V /1A


H-IMIC-3 Pen Wireless Microphone

RF output: 15mW
Modulation mode: 8FSK
Max input: -18dBV (max gain)
Audio input connector: 3.5 mm socket
Gain: +20dB
Size(mm): (L)157X(W)30X(H)27
Weight: 68g(include battery )
Power supply: 3.7V Li rechargeable battery
Battery consumption/lifetime: More than 10 hours

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