WB Series Wired Boundary Microphone


WB-100 Wired Boundary Microphone

Multi-function Switch

·Ultra-quiet electronic switch can control the microphone sound pickup.External LED control allows for accurate depiction of the live status.

·Logic input and output allows the connection with other central control systems. The microphone switch can control or be controlled by external automatic central control system or other devices. The LED can be

controlled by the central control or other devices.

Delicate Workmanship

·Heavy die-cast case and non-slip silicon foam bottom padsminimize coupling of surface vibration to the microphone.


·ORF shielding technology, offer excellent anti-interference capability, avoid the interference from the cell phone or other wireless devices.

Four Modes For Selection

·Mode One: touch-on;

·Mode Two: touch-mute;

·Mode Three: touch-to-talk;

·Mode Four: touch-to-mute.

 WB-100 Polar Pattern

WB-100 Frequency Respond

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