R-40W Directional Antenna

2.4 GHz signal dedicated antenna, can effectively enhance signal transition or receiving ability, and with 4-6 dBi high directional, has the very good effect on the use of the environment.

· can improve signal reception or transition.
· can be used with RELACART WDC - 900 conference system.
· Lightweight and smart appearance structure, convenient carrying and erecting installation

Frequency range   2300Hz~2500Hz
Gain   4-6dBi
Horizontal Flap Width   95 ℃
Workpiece ratio   85%
Impedance   50 Ω
Polarization   line
Front-to-rear ration   22dB
Connector Type   N type male connector
Dimensions (mm)   approx. 100(L) x 145(W)  x 1.6 (T)
Weight:    About 85g

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