R-20P Antenna forelectric appliance


TheR-20P is a device that supplies power to antennas or antenna amplifiers,providing DC8V, 80mA output, allowing external antenna systems to workindependently. The aluminum housing is designed with a rugged, lightweightconstruction and excellent heat dissipation, making the internal circuitrydurable and continuously providing the output voltage, which is a best choicefor the antenna receiving system.
-The type of the connection cable and length:50 Ohm low-loss coaxial cable.



Powerrequirement: Power Adapter with 12V/1A

Powersupply: DC8V,300mA

Workingtemperature: -25°~50°C

Dimension:87mm x 65mm x 20mm

Weight:about 90g

Material:Black electroplate aluminum

1.2  Antenna connection Input or output (BNC terminal) Connect the required antenna equipment.
9 to 12V-DC power input port.
Power Indicator.





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