R-32AU  Wide-band Directional Antenna


The R-32AU's reliable performance and resistance to wear and tear provide the best possible reception within the required coverage. The gain setting is used for enhanced amplification of signal reception. The R-32AU can be mounted on a mic stand, suspended from the ceiling, or attached to the wall using an integrated rotatable stand.


• With low noise signal amplification for signal enhancement.

• Works with Relacart wireless receivers and antenna distribution systems.

• Lightweight and sleek exterior construction for easy carrying and erection installation.


• The antenna can be connected to the receiver or antenna distribution system using any 50 ohm low loss coaxial cable.

• Only available for receiver and antenna distribution systems with antenna power.

• The antenna should be aligned to the area covered.


 Antenna placement:

When fixing the antenna, you should pay attention to the following items:

         • The antenna and receiver must use the same frequency band.

         • The antennas should be fixed at least 1.2 meters away from each other.

         • Keep the antenna away from sources of interference (such as large metal objects).

         • Adjust the antenna position and avoid any obstructions between the antenna and the transmitter.


IMPORTANT: Before going on, perform a walking tour test to check the signal coverage. Test the various placement effects of the antenna to find the best placement. The “dead spot” should be marked according to the actual situation and the performer should be prompted to avoid these areas.

Technical Parameters:

Antenna frequency range:    480MHz~950 MHz
Amplifier frequency range:    480MHz~950 MHZ
Antenna directionality:    Cardioid
Antenna polarization mode    line
Antenna gain:    ≥6.5dB
Antenna standing wave ration:    <2
Amplifier gain:    0 to15dB
Amplifier low noise    <0.45dB
 Amplifier OIP3     >38dBm
External power supply:    6-12VDC
Current:    75mA
Connector port: BNC female 
Dimensions (mm):     approx. 332(L) x 304(W)  x 3 (T)
Weight:     about 715g


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