R-20A Antenna Booster


R-20A Antenna Booster

R-20A provides increased gain for receiving antennas, maintains an effective and reliable signals and

reduces chance for signal dropouts under difficult RF conditions. Compact and lightweight, R-20A is integrated into a small package and can be concatenated in the middle of the connecting cable.

Frequency Range: 450-950MHz

Gain: 15dB

Connector: BNC female

VSWR:Input/outpu≤t 3:1

Power Supply:DC8V, 80VmA

Working Temperature:-50°C to +60°C

Dimensions(mm): 60(H)x 42(W)x 88(D)


Outer Casing:Black anodized aluminum

Connecting Cable Standard: 50Ω low-loss coaxial cable.

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