R-14D UHF Wideband 4-channel Antenna Divider

Key Features:

● UHF 500-950MHz operating frequency range, this wideband is compatible with EU and US new telecom regulations.

● R-14D provides 1-input, 4-output RF channels, connects a pair of antennas to as many as four Relacart-series receiver or other receivers

● The input connectors provide DC bias for the antenna booster R-20A or active directional antennas R-20U.

● Allows daisy-chain antenna dividers for more receivers.

● Metal receiver chassis with reinforced mounting ears and rear rack mount capability.


Frequency Range

500 – 950 MHz

Gain of Output

0 dB±1dB

Input Impedance


Output Impedance


Power Supply of Antenna Input

+8V DC

Power Supply of Receiver

Each antenna input port supplies bias +12V DC, 150mA max.

Current Drain


Power Supply

100—240V, AC 50/60 Hz

Dimension (mm)

410(W) X 43(H) X 206 (D)




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