Product Introduction
Podcast+ is a podcast production studio specially designed for live streaming app, which collects the live application functions such as mixing, sound effects, and effects. Can connect 4 mobile phones or PC at the same
time to transmit to live broadcast equipment through digital audio. Its design is light and easy to carry, the panel layout is simple, and the function distinction is clear and easy to understand. 4 TYPE-C ports provide chargingfunction, which can realize charging while broadcasting, eliminating the trouble of live broadcast battery life. Podcast+ is suitable for live broadcast, recording, Karaoke and other functions of mobile phones, tablets and PC, etc.


Product Introduction

● 4 sliding faders, respectively adjust MIC 1, MIC 2, LINE IN, MONITOR volume, and
equipped with 4 mute buttons.
● 8 volume knobs, respectively adjust MIC1 GAIN, MIC2 GAIN, LIVE INPUT,
● 9 large custom sound effects buttons, can change sound effects via USB.
● +48V phantom power switch, which can provide power to the microphone port for
live streaming condenser microphones.
● Internal play switch, when turned on, the 4 USB-C input audio does not return to
the USB-C port, eliminating the echo problem.
● Noise reduction switch, when turned on, reduces the ambient noise picked up by
the microphone.
● MIC.PRIOR switch, when there is audio input after the microphone is turned on, it
will attenuate the audio of the accompaniment, instrument, and sound effect.
● REVERB switch, up to 12 kinds of preset reverb effects, suitable for a variety of
scene applications.
● VOICE FX switch, up to 12 kinds of voice changing effects, make the live streaming
effect more abundant.
● TONE switch, with 12 built-in tone

Sample Rates
24 - bit, 48 KHz
Frequency Response 20Hz to 20 KHz+0/-1 db
System Delay 1.5ms
T.H.D <0.05%
Input Crosstalk <-120db @ 1KHz(AdjacentChannels)
S/N Ratio 90dB single channel - fader max (A-weighted)
Dynamic Range 100dB single channel - fader max (A-weighted)
Common Mode Rejection Ratio >70dB @ 1 KHz
MIC Impedance 3kΩ(XLR Balance);6.6kΩ(1/4)
MIC Gain  0 to 60 dB(XLR);-20 to 40 dB(1/4)
Power Supply DC 12V(4A
Dimensions(mm) 260(L)×230(H)×89(D)
Weight =1.45kg


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