TGS-6  Wireless Tour Guide Microphone System

Relacart TGS-6 Wireless Tour Guide Microphone System adopts UHF high-fidelity audio transmission technology to ensure stable use in various indoor and outdoor environments, and output high-quality sound, DSP digital audio companding processing can greatly reduce the noise of the wireless microphone. The innovative magnetic suction and soft rubber design is convenient for users to use, and can be attached to the collar, freeing hands to speak easily.

The transmitter has a built-in microphone and supports EP-01 earphone or other external headphone input, the receiver supports line output and USB digital output, the speaker carries the transmitter, and guests can walk around within a range of 20 meters to achieve the same wireless tour guide function of interpretation.

It is suitable for scenarios such as tour guide introduction, simultaneous translation, and real-time explanation.

UHF audio transmission technology

Working in the UHF frequency band, avoiding severe interference from Wi-Fi, ensuring the stability of wireless connections in various environments and providing high-fidelity audio output;

DSP digital audio companding
48KHz audio sampling rate to minimize noise in the system

External Microphone Expansion
In addition to the built-in microphone, the external microphone and line input function can also be used, and the receiver and transmitter can independently adjust the volume

Multi-channel switching
Both transmitter and receiver support one-key channel switching and display in the LED digital display

Magnetic rubber clip
The innovative design of magnetic suction and soft glue is convenient for clinging to the collar or to objects with iron, nickel and other metals during interviews, such as mobile phones, computers, etc.
The novel design of the magnetic soft rubber improves the flexibility of the user's application of the product

The net weight of the TGS-6 transmitter and receiver is 31.5g. Compact design, easy to carry.

The product comes with a special microphone windproof fur windshield to ensure clear sound pickup in outdoor or noisy environments.


 Receiver Specification
Receiving bandwidth  470MHz~960MHz
Receiving method  superheterodyne
Image rejection 45dBm
RF sensitivity  when inputting 10dBu, S/N ≥ 45dB
SQ adjustment  built-in setting parameters
Frequency synchronization method manual key setting
Maximum output level (analog) 0.7Vpp
Output level adjustment range  3-level adjustable, attenuated adjustment, every 3dB step
Digital audio output TYPE-C audio, computer USB audio
Power supply mode built-in 3.7V 450mA lithium battery power supply
Normal working current 100mA
Battery life ≥ 4 hours when the battery is fully charged
Dimensions  67 * 32 * 13.5(mm);
Net weight 31.5g


 Transmitter specifcation

Carrier bandwidth 470MHz~960MH
Oscillation mode PLL frequency synthesis
Transmit power  13.5dBm
Carrier deviation  0.005%
Harmonic radiation  -32dBm
Modulation method FM
Nominal/Max. Deviation Range  ± 65KHz
Maximum input level  250mV
Input gain adjustment  3 levels adjustable
Input impedance  2.2KΩ
Frequency setting manual button to set frequency
Power supply mode  built-in lithium battery or TYPE-C 5V power supply
Normal working current 100mA
Battery life  ≥ 4 hours when the battery is fully charged
Dimensions  67 * 32 * 13.5(mm)
Net weight 31.5g

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