Relacart TDN1-F Dante network digital conference microphone system settled in a public security command hall

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In addition to stable transmission and clear sound, an excellent professional conference microphone system should also be elegant in appearance and easy to use to meet the needs of daily work.

As a domestic wireless and wired audio R&D manufacturer, Relacart has been immersed in the field of sound and electricity for 28 years. It has advanced technology and launched a variety of high-quality products to provide customers with complete wired and wireless conference microphone system solutions.

Project introduction

Recently, a public security command hall needs to introduce a batch of conference microphones in order to better meet the work needs, and has higher requirements for product quality. After multiple comparisons and consideration, Relacart wired and wireless microphone system has become the selected product of this criminal investigation center with its advanced technology, excellent product quality and perfect wired and wireless audio solutions.

▲A public security command hall uses Relacart wireless and wired microphone systems
▲TDN1-F Dante Networked Microphone


After in-depth communication with customers, Relacart professionals gave a complete solution according to customer needs: UR-2Q four-channel 130MHz wideband true diversity wireless microphone system with CONFER X wired digital 64-channel automatic mixer, TDN1-F Dante network wired digital microphone is matched with an audio system that meets customer requirements.
▲Relacart UR-2Q four-channel 130MHz wideband true diversity wireless microphone system
▲UT-2 Wireless Bodypack Transmitter, UH-2 Wireless Handheld Microphone,UD-223 Wireless Conference Microphone
▲Relacart ConferX 64-channel Digital Automatic Mixer

▲TDN1-F Dante Networked Digital Microphone
Matching products

TDN1-F Dante Networked Digital Microphone

TDN1-F is a desktop microphone base with Dante function. It is suitable for quick installation of gooseneck microphones with XLR-M output. The base is designed for flat placement applications, providing high-quality sound pick-up, conferences, distance learning and other main requirements for sound pick-up applications. It can be used with gooseneck conference microphone poles of major brands on the market.

UR-2Q Four-Channel 130MHz Wideband True Diversity Wireless Microphone System

UR-2Q series wireless microphones are the technical essence accumulated by Relacart for a long time, with advanced four-channel electric tuning technology, 130MHz switching bandwidth (depending on the region); exquisite industrial design appearance; with self-developed DSP audio expansion algorithm , support Dante protocol output, Magic EQ function can be adjusted arbitrarily; this series is suitable for high-demand multi-functional demonstration halls, hotels, conferences and large and medium-sized performances.

Wired Digital 64-channel Automatic Mixer

CONFER X is a wired digital automatic mixer with 64-channel input, 16-channel output and Dante protocol independently developed by Relacart. 64-channel input, 16-channel output analog, DANTE digital mixing matrix control, suitable for a wider range of Application engineering. Through the noise threshold setting of each microphone, the microphone pickup is automatically turned on, and the automatic intelligent management of the on-site microphone is realized. 1-32 automatic mixing channels can independently set the channel to open the valve, and can set the appropriate valve level independently according to the environmental noise, echo, and channels close to the speaker, etc., suitable for any harsh conference environment; and can be opened by the number of microphones and the setting of automatic gain attenuation achieves the automatic adjustment of the overall gain of the scene, guarantees the quality of the scene voice, and effectively avoids the generation of sound feedback on the scene; the final hold time is adjustable to ensure that your meeting is smoother.

Customer feedback

According to customer feedback, this audio system has excellent performance, stable transmission, and the use process is very satisfactory. Relacart wired and wireless microphone system has once again won unanimous praise from customers for its excellent quality!

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