Relacart RDA20 Dante active full-range speakers enter a foreign Jewish school

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Education, as the main way for human beings to transmit knowledge, has been one of the fields that people pay most attention to since ancient times. With the progress and development of educational methods, creating a sound reinforcement system for a good learning environment has also become an urgent need for schools.

Background of the project
Recently, when a foreign Jewish school upgraded the educational environment, it was necessary to select a batch of loudspeakers with clear and full sound to create a complete sound reinforcement system. After in-depth communication between Relacart professionals and the school, Relacart RDA20 Dante active full-range speakers were finally used as the live sound reinforcement solution.

▲Relacart RDA20 Dante active full-range speaker live use effect
▲Relacart RDA20 Dante active full-range speakers for live sound reinforcement

Project Highlights

Great sound

Relacart RDA20 speakers have high efficiency and high sound energy output, excellent sound quality, perfect protection function and good electromagnetic compatibility characteristics.
▲Relacart RDA20 Dante active full-range speaker

Easy to install

Each RDA20 speaker only needs to be connected to a standard CAT network cable to realize the functions of POE power supply, audio transmission, and control management, which greatly reduces the difficulty of integrated installation of the entire system.
▲Each RDA20 speaker only needs to be connected to a standard CAT network cable

easy to use

The whole process uses standard CAT network cable connection and audio streaming. RDA20 Dante speakers can be used for gain control, crossover settings and various filter adjustment options through RDM software.
▲Relacart RDA20 Dante active full-range speaker solution
▲Adjustable with iPad

Matching product
RDA20 is an all-in-one active full-range speaker that integrates network transmission and pure digital power amplifier. Connect a network cable to communicate with the built-in Dante module for network audio signal transmission. The IP address is automatically assigned through the router DHCP, and the signal transmission with Dante's audio matrix can be carried out in the local area network, and a full digital network sound reinforcement system can be easily set up. It is suitable for primary and secondary school classrooms, small and medium-sized conference rooms, home theaters and other places.


Due to the advent of the era of science and technology, schools at home and abroad have gradually created an upgraded and more modern educational environment. It is believed that with the passage of time, the sound reinforcement system of a more perfect and more scientific plan will become the best choice for each school.
Relacart, as a professional R&D and manufacturer of wired and wireless microphones in the domestic electro-acoustic field for 28 years, adheres to the enterprise spirit of "pragmatism, cooperation, hard work and innovation", and adheres to the original intention with high-quality products and excellent wireless audio solutions. , continue to create value for customers!

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