Product presentation
PM2 is a dynamic microphone that uses electromagnetic induction to vibrate and produce sound. Its mission is to bring musicians' microphones out of the recording studio and to better serve people's entertainment life! PM2 is a noise reduction microphone using USB and XLR ports, and it is connected to terminals such as computers and mobile phones via USB data cables. At the same time, PM2 is also a piece of studio-level professional equipment. Connect the mixer through the XLR output interface. Let the PM2 embark on a sound journey with you!

Function Introduction
PM2 has a recording studio mode with background noise reduction technology. The principle of this mode is to increase the received power of PM2 audio signal and reduce the average power of noise, so that the signal-to-noise ratio of PM2 is significantly improved in this mode, which makes the main vocals voice become incomparable clear, isolate most of the background noise and human voice in our daily life. Insert the traditional built-in 3.5mm or USB to connect the computer and mobile phone. Adjusting the audio parameters of PM2 through the Relacart application makes coamputers and mobile phones a simple PM2 mixer. Of course, you can also plug into professional studio equipment with the XLR data cable. Within the app, Relacart also has a vast selection of interesting sound effects and modes in the application. PM2 users can also save their favorite sound effects through the equalizer presets.

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