Relacart’s WAM-432 Wireless Automatic Digital Mixer settled in a bank employee training college in Shandong Province

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In recent years, domestic government units have paid more attention to the training of talents. How to create a modern talent training environment, choose a suitable wireless intelligent conference system, and timely solve the equipment needs of training institutions; and Relacart's intelligent wireless conference system has undoubtedly become the best choice to solve the problem.


Project background & requirements

The employee training college of a bank in Shandong Province was established in 2011. In the past 10 years, it has provided a number of industry elites for a bank in Shandong Province, which is a solid backing for the development of the bank’s business. "Best Enterprise University" and other honors.

In order to comprehensively improve the quality of teaching and facilitate the communication between teachers and students in the training process, a wireless conference system with complete functions, convenient use and stable transmission has become one of the most urgent video equipment needs of the training college.

Staff Training College of a Bank in Shandong Province




After understanding customer needs and combining the actual situation of the venue, Relacart staff provided professional wireless conference system solutions, using Relacart Relacart WAM-432 Wireless Automatic Mixer System, Relacart R-14D antenna distributor and Relacart R-22AU directional antenna has built a high-quality, clear and stable professional wireless conference system for a bank employee training college in Shandong Province.

▲Relacart wireless conference system settled in, debugging on-site effect

Relacart’s intelligent wireless conference system is installed

Relacart UH-222 wireless handheld microphone

Relacart UD-222 wireless conference microphone

Relacart WAM-432 Wireless Automatic Mixer System,Relacart R-14D Antenna distributor


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WAM-432 Wireless Digital Automatic Mixer System

WAM-432 Wireless Automatic Mixer is a new generation series product designed with Relacart’s strong R&D strength and using high-performance microcomputer processor as its core design. The appearance design is professional and novel, and it integrates digital control technology and advanced audio. Combination of processing technology and network technology, intelligent control, fully automatic work; with video function, optional automatic audio and video controller AMC-20 to support mixer data control, audio mixing connection, high-definition camera connection. Can realize the automatic video tracking function.


UD-222 Wireless Conference Microphone

Gooseneck microphone, one machine with multiple functions, especially suitable for multi-functional conference halls of governments and institutions.

R-14D Antenna Distributor

Relacart R-14D is a broadband, dual-channel 1-to-4 antenna distribution system with low internal distortion. Stable functional characteristics, with sophisticated design, it is fully suitable for UHF high-bandwidth wireless system work, supporting 2-4 Relacart wireless series or other series of wireless system applications.

UH-222 Wireless Handheld Microphone

The appearance design is novel, the tube body is made of sturdy and durable all-alloy material, which effectively protects the internal circuit components, and has an ergonomic grip feeling.


R-22AU Directional Antenna

R-22AU has the characteristics of reliable performance, damage resistance and durability, and can provide good reception effects within the required coverage. The gain setting is used to enhance the signal reception. The R-22AU can be fixedly installed on the microphone stand, can also be hung on the ceiling, or fixed on the wall with an integrated rotatable stand.

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