Relacart MAS-D Dante Microphone Array settled in the conference room of a company in Wuhan

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In the field of professional conference audio systems, wired conference audio systems have the characteristics of stable transmission, strong confidentiality, and resistance to interference. Relacart professional wired conference audio system and complete solutions are undoubtedly the most trusted choice for conference personnel.


Project Background

In order to facilitate the meeting and discussion work, a certain unit in Wuhan recently needed to create a meeting environment for professional meetings. The meeting and gathering were clear, frequent, and noise-free wired meeting audio equipment to ensure a smoother process.

Relacart MAS-D DANTE microphone array settled in a unit in Wuhan

Customer needs and solutions


1,The wired conference system needs to be fully functional, flexible to speak, and capable of various types of conferences; easy to install and suitable for multi-person conferences.

2,There are a large number of people in the conference room, and the signal interference from mobile phones and laptops is serious. The conference microphone must be stable to prevent interference from various electronic devices.

3,The conference microphone has a wide range of sound pickup and high quality, which ensures that the conference personnel can speak freely in a specific range, which is convenient for the conference without affecting the sound quality and system stability.

4,The wired microphone equipment has a solemn appearance, which is in line with the environment of a professional conference room; avoid the microphone blocking the line of sight and the communication of the conference personnel.

Before the meeting, Relacart MAS-D wired DANTE array interface microphone system is being debugged


After our staff had a thorough understanding of customer needs, they finally chose Relacart MAS-D wired DANTE array interface microphone and provided professional conference system solutions. This product has the characteristics of stable and clear sound, easy to use, simple and generous appearance, creating a professional meeting environment to meet the various needs of customers.

Relacart MAS-D DANTE microphone array system has a simple and elegant appearance

Relacart MAS-D DANTE microphone array system

Relacart MAS-D DANTE microphone array system work with ALLEN&HEATH mixer

MAS-D Dante microphone array solution


Product details

Relacart MAS-D Dante Microphone Array



The MAS-D array microphone adopts a metal streamlined desktop design, which is stylish while showing solemn temperament. It has built-in unique microphone array technology and integrated microphone module, thereby improving the pickup range and quality of the array microphone and ensuring that the speaker is in a specific You can stand, sit, turn your head, and move back and forth within the range without affecting the sound effect. Elimination of the microphone pole and larger pickup range allows the speaker to have more use space, and there is no sense of oppression that the microphone pole is facing.

Built-in unique microphone array technology and integrated microphone module


Product parameter


  • Frequency response: 20-20000Hz

  • Input impedance: 2.2KΩ

  • Sensitivity: -11dB at 1KHz@1Pa

  • Signal to noise ratio: 65dB at 1KHz

  • Maximum input level: -14dBA at 1KHz@1Pa

  • Pickup distance: 80CM

  • Port: RJ45

  • Power supply mode: POE IEEE802.3

  • Power consumption: 2.3W

  • Weight: 350g

  • Dimensions: length 320mm * width 60mm * height 31mm

  • DANTE network: RJ45 connector, CAT5 or CAT6 network above 100Mbps

MAS-D Dante microphone array spectrum graph

MAS-D Dante microphone array microphone directivity graph

Client feedback

After the installation and use of the Relacart wired conference system, the communication and feedback with customers showed that the Relacart MAS-D DANTE microphone array system is stable and safe, with high sound quality, and meets the high requirements and high standards of customers for modern professional conference rooms. Highly recognized and praised!


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