Relacart WDC-903Dante digital wireless conference discussion system settled in a chemical research institute

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With the maturity of office technology and the development of audio technology, many companies rely on professional audio systems to assist corporate office work. The professional audio conference system ensures the smooth progress of various intelligent conferences and improves the efficiency and quality of each conference.
        Relacart Electronics Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Relacart Electronics), as a professional wireless audio research and development manufacturer with 27 years of experience in the field of electroacoustics in China, has the "Relacart" brand and microphone series products. In the post-epidemic era, Relacart has re-planned the product market and launched a new ultra-wideband wireless frequency monitoring system, wireless conference, mixing and audio control system, science and education 360° stereo pickup control system, and digital audio and video conference control system. , IP network audio stream control system, full area coverage and wireless partition system, radio and television wireless transmission system.
       This time, a professional audio solution was provided for the multi-functional conference hall of a chemical research institute to deliver clear voices to the conference staff, to ensure the smooth progress of the conference, and to make customers feel relieved and satisfied.

  Project introduction  
       The multifunctional conference hall of a certain chemical research institute is a large conference hall. In order to meet the needs of daily meetings, it is now necessary to configure a batch of suitable professional conference microphone equipment. Therefore, Relacart’s WDC-903 Dante digital wireless conference discussion system was selected to enter the multifunctional conference hall of a certain chemical research institute to ensure the smooth progress of various conference activities.
Multifunctional conference hall of a certain chemical research institute

  Customer demand  
1、The internal space of the conference hall is large and the sound transmission distance is long. It is necessary to ensure that people far away from the podium can clearly hear the sound from the microphone. 
2、In the conference hall, the interference caused by the gathering of people and mobile phone signals is serious, so the microphone system is required to have stable battery life and good anti-interference effect, which can cover the entire conference room; 
3、The product has complete functions, suitable for the use environment of multi-functional conference rooms, and can be used with other audio and video equipment.
4、Easy to install, easy to connect, conference personnel can easily operate and use.

  Professional audio equipment selection  
After in-depth communication with the customer, the customer finally chose the Relacart WDC-903 Dante digital wireless conference discussion system, 1 pc of WDC-903M wireless conference central control host, 1 pc of WDC-903C wireless chairman unit, 7 pcs of WDC-903D wireless delegate unit and six pcs of TSG-910 gooseneck professional conference microphones bring clear sound to conference personnel and ensure the smooth progress of conference activities.
▲WDC-903C Wireless Chairman unit, WDC903D Wireless Delegate unit
▲WDC-903D Wireless Delegate unit,  TSG-910 Gooseneck Conference Microphone
  Matching products  
Relacart’s WDC-903 Dante digital wireless conference discussion system has professional appearance design, circuit composition and stable functional characteristics. It works in the UHF frequency band and has a strong anti-interference function. It can effectively block computers, mobile phones and The impact of Bluetooth and other wireless devices; it has a Dante interface, which can communicate with any device with Dante to transmit audio; it can be used in conjunction with the VTS-2000 automatic video tracking system, etc., has a strong expansion capability, and it can be used in conjunction with Relacart’s antenna system. The transmission signal is very strong; the wireless conference technology is adopted, and the installation is easy and fast, and has no impact on the installation site. It has 4 conference modes and can speak flexibly. It is fully applicable to local government departments, corporate meeting rooms, business venues and international conference centers.
WDC-903 wireless conference central control host adopts LoRa protocol 433Mhz wireless control signal, U-segment audio transmission technology. The system automatically searches for undisturbed interference and replaces the interfered channel. Suitable for local or installed 19-inch (1U) brightness. The OLED liquid crystal display operation screen of the conference has Chinese and English language menu selection and operation card. With antenna interface, it can be used in conjunction with the antenna system to transmit strong signals. Wireless technology can build a temporary system, looks beautiful, and has no impact on the installation site. Used in conjunction with the VTS-2000 automatic video tracking system to realize the meeting automatic video tracking function. It has a handle for easy carrying.
The WDC-903C wireless conference chairman unit and WDC-903D wireless conference delegate unit have bright OLED liquid crystal displays that can simultaneously display battery capacity, speaking mode, and time-limited speaking time, etc., and have super anti-interference ability from mobile phones. With a halo-type working indicator light. The use of high-quality capacitive pickups to achieve high-quality sound pickup. You can easily build a temporary conference system, beautiful and clean, without any impact on the installation site.
The TSG-910 gooseneck professional conference microphone adopts an all-alloy shell with a simple design style and an integrated structure. The sound interference principle is used to improve the directivity of the microphone, reduce the generation of howling, and reduce the environmental noise pickup, and enhance the whole system Signal-to-noise ratio.
▲WDC-903 Wireless Conference Discussion System Solution
  Problem solving and customer feedback  
After precise communication with customers, Relacart’s WDC-903 Dante digital wireless conference discussion system has powerful conference functions such as stability and security, flexible speech, etc., which fully meets the high standards and requirements of modern conferences, creating a professional, generous, functional and practical Functional conference hall. Relacart’s wireless conference system has once again been highly recognized by customers with its professional and superb technology and an attitude of excellence!
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