MS1 UHF Wireless Microphone System

Relacart MS1 is a multifunctional, portable, rugged and durable UHF wireless microphone system, compatible with smartphones (3.5mm interface), Digital/SLR cameras, camcorders, tape recorders, tablet computers and other equipment to assist in picking up high-fidelity audio. It is suitable for various professional applications such as interviews, micro video recording or commercial performances.
The portable receiver has a one-key frequency scanning and infrared synchronization function, allowing you to easily find a clear channel for your device. This true diversity receiver uses dual antennas and receiving circuits to eliminate audio interruption and radio frequency interference, in order to further protect the audio from unnecessary interference. The transmitter supports mic input, enabling the wireless system to provide clean, accurate and pure audio. The receiver is equipped with earphone monitoring, AFS automatic frequency scanning and current application connection scan function, etc. Effective working distance can reach 50m (open and wide occasions).
1. UHF wireless transmission, providing high-fidelity audio source
2. Widely compatible with smart phones, digital/SLR cameras, camcorders, voice recorders, and tablets. 10 switchable frequency points to realize operation without environmental interference.
3. The pickup distance is up to 50m (up to 50m in an open and non-interference environment, up to 30m in an obstacle-free environment)
4. With real-time earphone monitoring function.
5. The volume of the receiver and transmitter can be adjusted arbitrarily to adapt to the volume level of different devices.
6. Mute mode.
7. Using OLED display, high-definition and easy to see.
8.  Both the receiver and transmitter are powered by two AA batteries.

MS1 Transmitter Technical Inde
Reference Input Level: -26dBV
Frequency Response: 80 Hz ~ 15 kHz
S/N: <100dB
Pilot Frequency:32.768.kHz
Power Requirement:2.0 ~ 3.6.V
Operating Temperature:0°C ~ 55°C
Measure(exclude antenna)(H*W*D): 7*5.08*2cm
Weight: 84g(Without battery)

MS1 Receiver Technical Index
Frequency Response: 80 Hz ~ 15 kHz
Total Harmonic Distortion:<0.9%
Pilot Frequency: 32.768.kHz
Power Requirement:2.0 ~ 3.6.V
Operating Temperature:0°C ~ 55°C
Measure(exclude antenna)(H*W*D): 8*5.8*2cm
Weight: 116g(Without battery)

MS-1P Wireless Plug-on Transmitter
Carrier Bandwidth: 470MHz~960MHz
Oscillation Mode: PLL frequency synthesis
Transmission Power: 13.5 dBm
Carrier Error: 0.005%
Power Supply:AA 1.5V x2
Nominal/Maximum Frequency Deviation: ±65KHz
Frequency setting: Manual button setting or infrared transmission
Input Gain Adjustment Range: 4 adjustable settings, every 3dB step
Harmonic Radiation: -32dBm
Max. Input Level: 250mV
Input Impedance: 2.2KΩ
Battery Life: ≥11hours
Normal Working Current: 130mA
Dimensions: 110 x 42 x42(mm)
N.W.(without battery): 125g
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