RG-10 Conferencing Microphone

· RG-10 is a wide-range condenser cardioid microphone,with high-quality sound pick up function. It is designed to the sound reinforcement, professional recording, television,broadcast, conference and other demanding high quality sound pick up applications.
· RG-10 is a wired conference microphone, with a standard 3-pin XLRM connector. The tube body is a small triangle-shaped gooseneck design, which can easily adjust the capsule to any position, and is equipped with a mute light indicator.
· The exquisite triangle base is made of durable alloy casting, strong and artistic, and the base is equipped with a mute switch and working indicator light.
· The balance audio output is with low impedance, Audio signal is output with pin 2 and 3 of XLRM, pin 1 is GND(shield), The output phase is set on the pin 2 with positive phase electrical level.
· Microphone type: Backplane polarized electrostatic capacitance type
· Directivity characteristics: Super cardioid
· Frequency response: 50Hz - 18000Hz
· Sensitivity: - 47dB, f =1KHz @ 1V / Pa
· Output impedance: 2900 ohms
· Maximum sound pressure: 120dB,1KHz to 1%T.H.D
· Dynamic range (typical): 115dB,1KHz at the highest sound pressure
· S/N: 110dB(A),THD=1% @ 1KHz to 1V/Pa
· Phantom Power Supply: 48V DC
· Power consumption: 8mA
· Output connector: built-in 3-pin XLR-Male
· Best pickup distance: 10-40cm
· Dimension: 148(L) x 115(W) x 233(H)
· Weight: about 715g
Polar Pattern
Frequency Response

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