Mikit Mobile interview kit 

Relacart mikit series is a portable stereo digital audio converter. It can be connected to a mobile device through the USB-C interface. Use with MI.AUDIO application software. Built-in DSP processor, you can set the input gain, monitor volume, high-pass filter, limiter, equalizer, mono/stereo switch, preset and other functions. It is widely used in recording, video recording, online communication, etc. Compatible with iOS (Only  for Mikit-i version), Android, Windows, Mac (Only  for Mikit-i version), plug and play.

· Metal case, firm and lightweight, small in size, convenient and easy to use.
· The body and the microphone could be separated for storage, and different types of microphones can be replaced.
· 2 x 3.5mm microphone input, dual microphone for dual sound source pickup.
· 3.5mm Monitor output.
· Pairs with relacart MI.AUDIO App.
· Mono/Stereo Mode Switch.

· Model: mikit·c ( USB-C )
              mikit·a (USB-C) (not yet available)
              mikit· i (USB-C) (not yet available)
· Gain adjustment range: 0 ~ +35dB
· Frequency response: 20Hz ~ 20KHz
· Sampling rate: 48K
· Equalizer: 5-band graphic equalization / 5-band parametric
· equalization, switching applications
· High pass filter: 75Hz / 150Hz
· Limiter: High / Medium / Low three-level adjustment
· Case: all metal structure, light and small, easy to carry
· Dimensions ( mm ): mikit·c: 47H x 47W x 13D
                                mikit·a: 210H x 47W x 13D
                                mikit· i: 210H x 47W x 13D
· Weight: mikit·c: 30g
               mikit·a: 40g
               mikit· i: 40g

Frequency Response

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