WDC-903 Dante Digital wireless conference discussion system settled in a multifunctional conference hall of a municipal

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Project Introduction

The multi-functional conference hall of a municipal government department is a large conference hall. In order to meet the needs of daily meetings, it is now necessary to configure a batch of suitable professional conference microphone equipment. Therefore, the Relacart WDC-903 Dante digital wireless conference discussion system was selected to enter the multifunctional conference hall of a municipal government department to ensure the smooth progress of various conference activities.

Multifunctional conference hall of a municipal government department

 Client requirement

1. The conference microphone system has clear sound, stable battery life, and good anti-interference effect. It can be connected to a variety of audio and video equipment with different functions and can cover the entire conference room;
2.The product has complete functions, suitable for the use environment of multi-functional conference rooms, and can be used with other audio and video equipment
Easy to install, easy to connect, conference personnel can easily operate and use

Professional audio equipment selection

After in-depth communication with the customer, the customer finally chose the Relacart WDC-903 Dante digital wireless conference discussion system, with 1 pc of WDC-903C wireless chairman unit and 15 pcs of WDC-903D wireless delegate units, with one set the DC-903 network controller, two R-20U penal antennas, and a RC-12li charging box. Bringing clear voices to conference participants and ensure the smooth progress of conference activities.

▲Relacart WDC-903 Dante Digital Wireless Conference System main controller, RC-12li Charging case

▲Relacart WDC-903C Wireless Conference Chairman Unit

▲Relacart WDC-903D Wireless Conference Delegate Unit

▲Relacart DC-903 Network controller and R-20U panel antenna

Matching product

Relacart’s WDC-903 Dante digital wireless conference discussion system has professional appearance design, circuit composition and stable functional characteristics. It works in the UHF frequency band and has a strong anti-interference function. It can effectively block computers, mobile phones and the influence of wireless devices such as Bluetooth; Dante interface, which can communicate with any Dante device to transmit audio; can be used in conjunction with VTS-2000 automatic video tracking system, etc., has powerful expansion capabilities, and can be used in conjunction with Relacart’s antenna system. The transmission signal is very strong; the wireless conference technology is adopted, and the installation is easy and fast without affecting the installation place. It has 4 conference modes and can speak flexibly. It is fully applicable to local government departments, corporate meeting rooms, business venues and international conference centers.

The WDC-903C wireless conference chairman unit and WDC-903D wireless conference delegate unit have bright OLED liquid crystal displays, which can simultaneously display battery capacity, speaking mode, and limited speaking time, etc., and have super anti-interference ability from mobile phones. With a halo-type working indicator light. The use of high-quality capacitive pickups to achieve high-quality sound pickup. You can easily build a temporary conference system, beautiful and clean, without any impact on the installation site.

The DC-903 data communication converter adopts a mature and stable wireless communication protocol, which has the advantages of high stability, high performance, high confidentiality, short delay, and low power consumption.

The R-20U directional plate antenna is small in size and light in weight. It has an anti-ultraviolet ABS radome, which can be fixedly installed (with a directional bracket) or with a triangular bracket. The antenna is connected to the host or amplifier through a BNC coaxial cable.

Problem solving and customer feedback

After precise communication with customers, Relacart’s WDC-903 Dante digital wireless conference discussion system is very suitable for modern conference spaces with practical conference functions, convenient installation methods and powerful expansion capabilities, with clear sound and stable and continuous audio. The system ensures the smooth progress of the meeting and creates a professional, generous, functional and practical multifunctional conference hall. Relacart’s wireless conference system once again won unanimous recognition and appreciation from customers with its professional technology!

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