Relacart UR-222D dual-channel diversity wireless microphone assists the 13th Gesar Horse Racing Festival in China·Nine-c

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On August 13-15, 2020, the three-day China·Nine-color Gannan Shambhala·Maqu 13th Gesar Horse Racing Festival was held in Maqu County, Gannan Prefecture.
    A total of 635 participating horses from the three provinces of Gansu, Qinghai and Sichuan participated in the race. Participants competed fiercely in the three-day 2000-meter and 3000-meter speed races and the 5000-meter and 10,000-meter endurance races.

The thirteenth Gesar Horse Racing Festival in Nine-color Gannan Shambhala Maqu, China, was grandly opened. Leaders used Relacart SCM-280 super-cardioid shotgun microphone to speak
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China Nine-color Gannan Shambhala·Maqu 13th Gesar Horse Racing Festival uses Relacart UR-222D dual-channel diversity wireless microphone, SCM-280 super pointing gun microphone, with R-22AU directivity antenna for live sound transmission
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     The competition is set outdoors, with a vast venue and long signal transmission distance; during the competition, there are a large number of spectators and contestants, and the auditorium is far away from the stadium; due to the large number of people, the noise on the scene is large, and the interference caused by mobile phones and other equipment is serious.
    The customer requires audio equipment to transmit sound stably and clearly on venues that require long-distance transmission, overcome signal interference caused by on-site noise and electronic equipment, avoid noise and frequency interruption, and ensure the smooth progress of this event. After understanding and selection, the customer finally decided to choose Relacart UR-222D dual-channel diversity wireless microphone, SCM-280 super-cardioid shotgun microphone, and R-22AU directional antenna.
Scene of the 13th Gesar Horse Racing Festival in Nine-color Gannan Shambhala Maqu, China

Relacart SCM-280 super-cardioid shotgun microphone was used at the horse racing festival

Relacart UR-222D Dual-channel Wireless Microphone System and R-22AU Directional Antenna
     UR-222D has an ultra-wide frequency band UHF522MHz~936 MHz, automatic frequency selection, CPU smart antenna diversity reception; 32 adjustable frequency per channel, a total of 64 adjustable frequency for dual channels, a total of 24 frequency band can provide 768 adjustable frequency points For users to choose; 134MHz broadband transmitter, four different frequency band devices can be used interchangeably, which greatly facilitates debugging and management; with [AFS] automatic frequency search function and IR infrared frequency matching function; stable PLL phase-locked oscillation circuit, With the "noise detection" mute control function, it can effectively block noisy radio frequency interference in the working environment.
    UR-222D has exquisite appearance, convenient operation and shocking price, and it wins the market competitive advantage with extremely superior professional quality. This series is suitable for high-demand multi-functional demonstration halls, hotels, conferences and small and medium-sized performance occasions.
Relacart UR-222D Dual Channel Antenna Diversity Wireless Microphone 
     Relacart SCM-280 super-cardioid shotgun microphone adopts a sophisticated design with a total length of 203mm. It has excellent directivity and high sensitivity. It is suitable for conferences, teaching, TV broadcasting, professional recording and other occasions. It adopts a new design and has outstanding ability to prevent radio frequency interference and avoid interference from mobile phones when receiving; built-in DC-DC conversion circuit can maintain stable operation, and can automatically correspond to 18-52V phantom power; equipped with a windproof sponge cover can reduce indecent jets and other wind noises occurred during speech.
Relacart SCM-280 Super-cardioid Shotgun Microphone
     Relacart R-22AU directional antenna has the characteristics of reliable performance, damage resistance and durability, and can provide the best reception effect within the required coverage. The gain setting is used to enhance the signal reception. The R-22AU can be fixedly installed on the microphone stand, can also be hung on the ceiling, or fixed on the wall with an integrated rotatable stand.
Relacart R-22AU Directional Antenna

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