Relacart “Magicube” on Stage for “Sweeney Todd”

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Relacart “Magicube” on Stage for “Sweeney Todd”

Following the news conference in Shanghai Theatrical Institute on November, on December 14, Broadway classical musical "Sweeney Todd" performed in public on Shanghai Theatrical Institute. The musical lasted three days, and an open ticket sales, attracted a large number of viewers and the industry media came to watch. Sina, Sohu, Netease, the Shanghai Youth Daily, Liberation Daily and other media also got long coverage of the performance.

 Sweeney Todd


Relacart Magicube Wireless Microphone


"Sweeney Todd" original prototype is based on the true story is thriller about a story of a barber from revenge to crazy. In 1979, the play is the first landing of American Theatre, has gains of eight Tony Awards. In addition, Todd is the protagonist of the film and television drama adaptations also nearly 10, including John Depp starred in the movie, as well as the BBC drama introduced this year. This on Drama Theatre staged "Sweeney Todd", known as “Broadway's first " Wang Luo Yong, the Huangmei Opera performing artists, Malan together to create the concept of the originator, Stephen Joshua Sondheim is the screenwriter, Broadway dancer Steve Geary is the stage action choreography, Broadway famous musical guiding home Michael Lavine is music director, the America director Li Xiaojia directed. Wang Luo Yong said on the play: "Sweeney Todd" is much more than restore the original Broadway learn from the Broadway standard model based on unique exploration into the opera people and try in order to reproduce the classic, creation of a rhyme of both Western and without losing the charm of the Orient, innovative spirit and Shanghai culture featuring classical musical. At the same time, he also hopes the play as the beginning of the development of Chinese musical, screenplay, actor, equipment and other resources integration, optimization, Chinese musical to prosperity.


Luoyong Wang


The outstanding performance used Relacart Magicube wireless microphone.  Wang Luo Yong said: " Thanks to Relacart Magicube, we got a perfect show!  The premiere accommodates 700 people, face to the wide stage, Rekacart Magicube still being signal stability, high sensitivity; during performing, we used the full English concert plus Chinese concept, and the Chinese actor vocal characteristics is different from Westerners, there is very high demand on the microphone. But Relacart Magicube wireless microphone perfectly help us to completed the show! we have to believe that even the best actor skills also need good equipment . "


Relacart “Magicube” Wireless Microphone

It is reported that after the auditions and performances, the Music Center of the Shanghai Theatre Academy and Relacart signed a long-term strategic partnership agreement. In the near future, they will appoint Relacart Magicube wireless microphone as the only brand microphone for the Broadway Copyright theater.

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