“Wireless-----Relacart” HR-31S as escort for the melodrama “PLAYME” (Guangzhou)

2016-01-16 Catalog: Musical View:

“Wireless-----Relacart” HR-31S as escort for the melodrama “PLAYME” (Guangzhou)

What you need to resist is not Zengye but is the whole entertainment era. I just the spokesman of this era, I am involuntarily at the same time!” With the elective show godfather who role is Yangyu yelled toward those players unwilling to be manipulated, the melodrama “PLAYME” is started the premiere curtain in Guangzhou friendship theatre for three days. The play also will be shown in Xiamen, Shanghai, Ji'nan, Shenyang and Xi'an where 15 national cities. It’s the first round of this tour is more than 30 shows.

“PALYME” is a contemporary musical work is created originally in 2009 by the Finland National Swedish Theatre, which has a hundred years of  history just is famous for “a quiet and modest Maiden”, “the sound of music” and other classic musical around the world. There is a great influence in Finland after the launch, and more than 200 shows are continuous shown in the theater, it known as the Finland contemporary music popular with young people work .The cooperation between China and Finland of “PLAYME” is created by the Finland original director and music, dance, lighting, audio and other cast members and domestic elite team through two years directly, it’s splendid to display the international musical production standards and fashion trend. The screenplay is adapted by Guanshan who is the  China famous melodrama screenwriter, guidance by Zhu Maolin who is the technical director , produced by the national auditions actors, it made the play is truly achieve the perfect  combination of “ internationalization and localization”, “originality and innovation”.



It’s known that each show of this melodrama in China, which will be provided by Relacart’s professional high-end performance wireless microphone HR-31S for the escort, this is Relacart’s tour show project after the Broadway classic melodrama “ Sweeney Todd”. HR-31S is especially designed   for large tour show, it’s the Broadway musical" Sweeney Todd "on the basis of HR-30S upgrade edition, more powerful, more stability.

In the swarm of the musical, the performance of Relacart HR-31S is prominent, no matter how many handheld microphone or headwore microphone increase,no matter how unsure the round of the actor, Relacart HR-31S is always can  accurately capture the signal, avoiding cross-frequency and fault frequency phenomenon generated by the dead. With this powerful backup, depending on Relacart the first domestic RWW1.1 wireless digital control system software and innovative research and development of AFS automatic selection frequency technique, it can through wireless microphone receiver accurately to scan the external interference signal, and according to scan the rate of interference signal that make use of the  powerful calculating ability of the computer to calculate the clean frequency on each wireless microphone and lock on this channel. The frequency of high reliability what is scan out is free from outside interference. There have spectrum analyzer installed which can monitor all the channels and interference signal around the stage environment in a real time; the unique breaking news and memory function, it can record the transmission quality of signal, it knows where is the position made the breaking signal, so as to avoid breaking signal, cross-frequency occurs

In addition, the HR-31S sounds is very popular among the actors, it has high sensitivity, strong reduction, making the actors wonderful song and solid singing revealed undoubtedly, and with AUDIOCENTER of strong penetrating V-HLA12 + vertical linear array sound reinforcement system, once made effect of music on site  to a climax.  In  the debugging of  Relacart staff, Relacart  HR-31S professional high-end performance wireless microphone HR-31S headset microphone  in this performance, it obtained “PLAYME” the  casting director, screenwriter and actor's consistent affirmation, while on the other tour show, Relacart will continue to follow-up the report, the wonderful things  will continue to show, please look for it……

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