Escorting for melodrama “PLAYME” (Shanghai)

2016-01-16 Catalog: Musical View:

Escorting for melodrama “PLAYME” (Shanghai)

The cooperation of China and Finland, the large-scale melodrama “PLAYME” is adapted for lasting two years after begun in Guangzhou Friendship Theatre since June 13th, it started some heated tour show around the country, there are continuous applause and cheering in each show and win many musical fancier’s praise when reached in each show. This time from July 4th to July 5th   in Shanghai, Relacart HR-31S single channel true diversity wireless microphone still as the whole process escort, please follow us, let’s feel the scene!

Be in buzzing building

"Wireless -- Relacart" HR-31S is ready


A tour around the station review:

“PLAYME ”Guangzhou preview

“PLAYME” National Tour   ( Guangzhou )

“PLAYME” National Tour (Meizhou)

“PLAYME” National Tour (Nanchang)

“PLAYME” National Tour  (Xiamen)

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