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2016-01-16 Catalog: Musical View:

       The Musical Centre of Shanghai Theatre Academy will bring the famous Broadway musical  ”Contact” into China in 2014. The famous actor Wang Luoyong, who is “Broadway China first person”, as the consultant, to join hands with Broadway original cast Tome Cousin, Steve Geary to visit Shanghai and guide. The musical is jointly performed by the students from musical centre and dance college of Shanghai Theatre Academy.


Himalaya Theatre Centre

“Contact” is the musical that makes the charm of dance itself fully played, the dance elements are very rich, director Tome Cousin said, this musical let dancers have acting desire, let the expertise performer have great desire to dance.

       Hedgehog Theory stress keeping a proper distance between the two, both to keep warm, but not hurt each other, however, "Contact" first came to China, with an extremely delicate Chinese name Touch", which, like Wang Luoyong and Tome Cousin said: "Contact" to express is people actually willing to have contact with others, especially the desire to communicate with each other, touching our feelings, soul, and even the skin. I think in the human original nature, still are gregarious, eager to communicate and understand each other.

        "Contact" is known as extremely blockbuster musical in European countries, Japan, South Korea. "Contact" is the first time come to China, believe that will bring the audience very shocked heart touch!


     "Wireless -- Relacart" professional high-end performance wireless microphone on a way for the musical show escort, which has outstanding performance in "Sweeney Todd" "PLAYME" and other national touring musical play, is really experienced. Musical performances are different from the concert, it belongs to a swarm of program, the large number of actors, actors take place complex, and this musical is the dance as the leading factor, use of microphone demanding, the biggest characteristics of the microphone is, the use of domestic first RWW1.0 wireless system digital control software with the innovative research and development of AFS automatic frequency selection technology, make the wireless frequency visualization, to ensure the success of the performance.

 “Wireless—Relacart” Performance System

  The girl on the swing

The dancers touch with each other in the depths of the soul with smart dance, with the ever-changing face display their extremely rich inner world, heart "touch", you will find your long search for temperature.


"Wireless - Relacart" will bring more soul touching moment for you...

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