The Captain

2016-03-28 Catalog: Drama View:
The large original drama "The Captain", which was produced by Shanghai Drama Arts Centre, was produced by veteran producer Li Shengying, created by national writer Yu Rongjun, directed by the famous director Zha Mingzhe. As Shanghai and Guangzhou Arts and cultural exchange programme, was presented in Guangdong Center for the Performing Arts Theatre. "The captain" is known as the Chinese version of The Old Man and the Sea ", tells the story of a boatman and ocean getting along, through the story shows a group of men and a group of fishes mutual fight and chase, discusses a eternal toptic of human and nature, human and the environment.
“The Captain”is named Magic Realism. Stage effect is another highlight. The distance is quiet sea, flashing beacn, the nascent moon; Near is the beach,fishing nets,boat. Two layers of gauze of the stage, the figue was fuzzy to the point, as if they really walk in the sea mist. The performance adopted 12 sets of HR-31S True Diversity Microphone System, matching 4 pcs of R-14D Diversity Antenna Distribution System and a pair of R-22AU Active Directional Antenna System, showed the charm of magic realism drama.  
(Performance Stage)
(Relacart HR-31S True Diversity Wireless System) Mini and lightweight equipment shows the charm of dramaThroughout waiting dreams, building dreams, memory dreams, regretting dreams and chasing dreams throughout the performance, there will be many expressions of looking up to, thinking and recalling. This show select Relacart Omnidirectional clip mic matching mini lightweight bodypack.  The features of umidirectional microphone is no matter where is the signal and noise, the mic no need to indicate certain direction, mic will collect with equal strength and transfer to electrical signal, the audio signal sensitivity from the direction of the mic is also high, each angel without sound attenuation. 
(Performance Stage)Plot included old friends reunion situation as well, even pat on the back or hug also won't have too big noise, the greatest benefit of omnidirectional microphone is improving the noise environment of speech intelligibility and does not produce clear proximity effect. Due to the pockets of the Tinguiririca light material, the precision of low consumption circuit design, created a very small volume, it is not easy to find equipment even the actor wearing performance, Strong concealment, but also very good with the costumes of collocation.
The sound quality is clear and thick with tensionThe drama in memory as the main line, switch in the actor's emotions sometimes cheerful and pathos. In addition to the actor's exquisite emotional acting, but also need to display these emotions through the device, so as to infect the presence of the audience. Relacart HR-31S the true diversity technology, two arbitrary antenna selection to receive a strong signal, this way can greatly eliminate blind spots, avoid generated due to the problem of signal transmission mute or dead noise.
(Performance Stage)Relacart antenna distribution system collocation wireless microphone used together to provide an additional layer of security for wireless signal transmission. A pair of R-22AU active pointing antenna system in front of the stage, to make up for lack of performance of the desired signal, the wireless signal enhancement, under the double protection, actors of laughter, rapid breathing, wheezing and sigh with stage effects are excellent expression. HR series low frequency full rounded and not thick, the play has a shout slogans and sing, vigorous quality penetrating, full of passion, enhance the tension acting, affects the audience into the story.
(Relcart R-22AU)Wireless CNC software to eliminate blind spot hazeRWW1.1 wireless transmission system monitoring management software, Relacart independent research and development and HR series of professional level performance microphone matching software, scanning and monitoring wireless signal. This drama the common set of 12 HR series of microphone, Relacart service team using the software of equipment naming and grouping, in this way, when scanning and monitoring wireless signal, the data in each group clearly visible at a glance. It all channel of wireless microphone for a precise and efficient frequency calculation, through computer processing out accurate data, to calculate the security available main frequency points and backup frequency to ensure the cleanest unperturbed frequency detected have a blind spot position, we use debugging equipment or other supplement the signal. Relacart equipment interlocking, ensure that the wireless signal transmission is stable and safe, so as to ensure the quality signal out clear sound quality, achieve performance stage need perfect effect.
(RWW1.1 Software)
"The Caption" the drama to the sea story leads to a series of thought-provoking social phenomenon, to over the past few decades to develop a reflection, it is relevant to environment, the humanities, the fate of the, the tradition and inheritance, more related to the future development and thinking. The expressionism of the theme by the audience favorite, Relacart a honor to participate in this full of connotation of the drama, will bring the audience the emotional and sentimental, in the future we will be more efforts, the wonderful scenes presented to you.
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