Great South Road Elementary School Children Choirs sing opera Yang Yue Yun

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March 21st is World Children’s Song Day, every year on this day, all children's organizations, educational institutions to celebrate this festival in various forms. Great South Road Primary School, the school teachers and students, together with the drama guide of Xijuhui, total is 13 classes of this school, arrange 15 singing and dancing show, into the thick of Cantonese culture, in the form of singing and drama to celebrate the world children's day. Children play Yang Yue Yun, Relacart R-31S wireless performance system assists Dananlu Primary School the second session of the Guangdong Color Art Festival closing and world children’s song day show performances rehearsal scene.
(Dancing Performance)
(Beautiful Teacher Host)I enclose large road elementary school young actors and Relacart  HR-31S wireless system performance the rehearsal scene in front of and behind the scenes wonderful tidbits ~ ~ program formally show will be in its glory at noon on March 21, 2016 of 13:30 resulted in the Children's palace of Yuexiu District, Guangzhou! Please look forward to it!!!
(Actors and Small Host)
(Alice Princess Actor and Small Host)
(Elsa Princess Actor and Host)
(Kenan Actor and host)
(Small Hosts are reading script)
Dancing Performance

(Dancing Performance)
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