Yanan Shaanxi New District senior high school

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Relacart HR-31S Performance cabinet Hand in Yanan Shaanxi New District senior high school Jointly celebrate the 95 anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China, the Red Army 80 anniversary of the victory of the long march
By the Language Work Committee of Shaanxi Province, the provincial education department, the provincial People and Social Council Chamber, the provincial Department of Culture, Radio and Television jointly organized "in bright sunshine - 95 to celebrate the anniversary of the Communist Party of China, the 80th anniversary of the victory of the Red Army in Shaanxi Province cum 2016 in China's classical cultural events "held in Yan'an High School District.Shaanxi Province, the city of regional leaders, school leaders and Language Work Committee member units of the relevant provincial offices responsible comrades and city (district) Bureau relevant person in charge, the participating teachers and students a total of about 2000 people attended the event. The entire cultural events kicked off in chorus "would be no new China without the Communist Party," the passionate melody, sub red memory, practice dream, the future three chapters.

The selected HR-31S show Relacart a cabinet, including 4 sets of HR-31S diversity wireless audio system, collocation of 1 set R-14D diversity antenna distribution system, 4 sets H-31 and 1 set R-22AU handheld microphone active directional antenna system. The wireless handheld microphone is mainly used by the host and singing performers, the microphone sound is full if bandwidth is not heavy, with a host of full of emotion, with the audience.
(Moderator using H-31 Relacart wireless handheld microphone)Let's look back on the day's events!

(The award ceremony)
(Performers used H - 31 wireless microphone singing)
(Relacart R-22AU Active directivity antenna system)

(Students’ performance)
(Dance performance)
(Poetry reading)
(Theatrical performances)
(Performance picture)This event as "my Chinese dream" as the theme, full of contemporary youth and country counterparts together with time, and dream of the responsibility to play, show young students noble and elegant aesthetic pursuit of life. Display activities through the poetry group chanting, dancing, reading, stepdance different form to show the red culture classic charm and new period of young high spirited, be enthusiastic and press on the mental state. A song of soulful poems, a voice from the heart burst of passion, emotion and the patriotic spirit of the times, striking each other, surge high and sweep forward won the audience applause.

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