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In response to national construction requirements, Guizhou Province is to build tourism province, attach importance to cultural tourism construction. Guizhou Liuzhi special zone as a pilot project, after the completion of the construction, the deputy secretary of the party committee, special zone party committee standing committee, and deputy head of the government to Langdai town investigate and survey the observe routes of the fifth session of the construction and development of small towns in the province. According to observe routes, car view Moon Township Bouyei style town, on-site observation on Yingxiang plaza, Yelang Baicao park, Langdai project sites, the leaders listened carefully to the project development report.

The conference is located in three towns of Liuzhi special zone---Luobie, Langdai and Yanjiao, a total of more than 10 kilometers. Conference initially selected other brands of wireless audio system for comparison, but considering the project is special, high requirement for wireless signal transmission and antenna system, and sufficient technicians are needed for reinforcements, thus Baihui Acoustic and Lighting Technology Co., Ltd. finally choose Relacart Brand. For the conference observe route, they choose the following sound systems: 130 sets of Relacart HR-31S Wireless Microphone System, matching 43 sets of Relacart R-14D Diversity Antenna Distribution System and 55 pairs of R-22AU Wide-band Directional Antenna, 400sets of Beta3 waterproof speaker, well done the construction of major projects.

Across outdoor 10 km, to overcome the on-site severe environmentGuizhou Province Liuzhi special zone’s another name is China cool city Bonsai mountain city, more mountain and more trees, summer without heat, winter without cold, rainfall is abundant. There are a lot of mobile radio tower nearby, which is the biggest source of interference at site installation and has brought great difficulty to the project installation. Rainy weather is wet, the transmission distance has weakened, in the distribution process to the existence of dead spots for rectification. In addition, observe route total length of more than 10 km, the tour guides go across the square, museums, cultural architecture, tourism and eating area of the ancient streets and commercial streets and other big and small streets.  To ensure that the microphone is able to stabilize the sound along the way, antenna system signal is required to cover dozens of kilometers, which is also a challenge to the antenna system. During the installation process, the leaders came to survey many times, Relacart technicians continuously modified according to the requirements.

Eliminate interference to complete the construction of wireless transmitter base stationThe biggest difficulty of this project is how to avoid the interference source to build a wireless transmitter base station, and then through each base station antenna bridge connection to meet the signal coverage requirement within a few dozens of  kilometer.

Install according to the tour guide route, with the change of the route, the technicians need to continue to assess and select the installation point. The three batch of leaders visited Luobie Langdai, Yanjiao and the three observe routes, each route is about two or three hundred person, the tour guide will use H-31 handheld microphone and T-31 mini bodypack transmitter with headset microphone to commentary along the way, so they need very accurate distribution.

The whole Liuzhi special zone project use 130 sets HR-31S wireless audio system to construct a total of 65 wireless base stations, the details are as follow:1. Luobie town 30 base stations: 60 sets of HR-31S wireless audio system, 20 pairs of R-22AU wide-band directional antenna plus 10 pairs of cylindrical antennas.2. Langdai town 14 base stations: 28 sets of HR-31S wireless audio system, 14 pairs of R-22AU wide-band directional antenna.3.Yanjiao town 21 base stations: 42 sets of HR-31S wireless audio system, 21 pairs  of R-22AU wide-band directional antenna.  

The base station that we constructed most is Loubie town, which contains three sites: the bouyei nationality museum, square extra large hall (Hall 3) and resettlement housing. Mountainous and multi-tree environment on the field impact greatly on the equipment installation, the technicians initially adopted interference-point exclusion method to avoid the mobile radio tower, on-site inspection of interference frequency, arrangement of frequency interference-free installation. But related to the wireless frequency specification, the state provides that forbidden radio frequency in each place, the available UHF frequency is divided into four groups: Band A: 763-796MHz, Band B: 730-762MHz, Band C: 697-729MHz and Band D: 662-694MHz. In the general layout, for the difference between the site distribution prediction and actual site of the installation point access, technician need to design different interval points for installation on the position that the tour guides pass by, the wrongly estimated points need to be changed. Finally, increase the technical support, use spectrum analyzer to test the four bands of available UHF frequency, and found in Luobie and Yanjiao these two towns, the frequency interference of Band A, B, C is very big, and finally selected frequency Band D to install in these two areas. 

Antenna system bridge connection guarantee stable signal transmissionThe entire observe route covers more than 10 km, each wireless transmitter base station use a common pairs of R-22AU directional antenna, there are some dead spots in the museums and indoor cultural buildings that the directional antenna can not cover, at this time can use Relacart HR-31S wireless audio system built-in cylindrical antenna (1/2 wave length antenna) for dead spots signal supplement.

The leaders required to make the equipment hidden, to ensure the stability of the signal within the range of 10 km around, in the antenna system collocation, use R-14D diversity antenna distribution system with R-22AU directional antenna, in order to meet large area, multi-directional long-distance wireless transmission requirements, to guarantee the stability of the transmission signal. According to the tour guide tour position, install a total of 55 pairs of R-22AU active directional antenna, which distributed on both sides of the street, slopes, branches and roofs, the technicians stepped on the tile, climbed slopes and mountains to modify and install according to calculated point.    

The project that lasted more than two months has been completed, the whole project was finally won the praise of the leaders of Guizhou Province.  Complete audio system layout solutions---the perfect collocation of Relacart HR-31S wireless audio system and antenna distribution system, left a wonderful memory for the construction of the Liuzhi special zone. 
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