Relacart HR-31S wireless system perfectly escort Guangdong 2017 countdown carnival

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Ring out the Old Year and ring in the New Year. Guangdong 2017 countdown carnival held in Dinghu District, Zhaoqing city on December 31st, 2016 and January 1st, 2017.Invited 40 group star bands, the generation laughter Eric Tsang, the strength singer Edmond Leung, masked little prince Justin and many other strong superstar to join.In addition to big-name artists to join, this festival also invited a number of heavy-weight DJ, they play the instruments in passion for fans in the superstar UFO-shaped Xinghu stage, transmit the joy of electric sound power to each audience. The two-day carnival is a revelry feast of more than 100,000 people, present fans and friends experience more thrilling, more wonderful performances!
100,000 people new year countdown carnival scene
The host team using Relacart H-31 handheld microphone in the opening
Opening dance GNZ48 Girl’s Group

Justin and 100,000 audience chorus ”MAN KTV”
1931 Girl Idol Group’s performance
Comedy ”Miss Su and Water-Hui brother” using Relacart headset microphone  
Singer Edmond Leung is singing “Seven Friends”,”Lingering Game”
Singer Shabaoliang is singing “Hidden Fragrance”
The famous singer Kenny Bee  spun “Medley”

The host team with all the star bow to greet the new year
The performance venue is an open-air stage of more than 100 acres, which is very wide and the performance environment of which is quite complex. In order to ensure the stable transmission of wireless signals, the organizer selected 16 sets of Relacart HR-31S True Diversity Wireless Audio System to help, together with 8 sets of H-31 handheld microphones and 8 sets of headset microphones, mainly for 8 star hosts, “Trio” Game and many higher-ups star singers to use! In addition, each cabinet equip with one set of R-14D Antenna Distribution System and R-22AU Active Directional Antenna. Such large complicated wireless audio transmission system was easily completed under Relacart products. 
Relacart HR-31S performance cabinet set
Relacart H-31 Wireless Handheld Microphone and T-31 Wireless Bodypack Transmitter
Relacart receiver antenna port has built-in power supply function, can be connected directly with antenna booster and external antenna without the need of an antenna distributor, so it is convenient to build the system. In this countdown party, equipment can be set up via a R-14D antenna distribution system, which provide power for the 4 sets of HR-31S receiver and can be connected to R-22AU antenna directly, where can not only reduce the power load of large quantity performance equipment, but also reduce the performance equipment power failure probability. R-22AU directional antenna smart and lightweight, covering the no-signal angle of the open broad stage, solve large area, multi-directional and long-distance wireless transmission, improve the stability of the equipment and transmission signals.
Relacart R-22AU Directional Antenna System
Relacart R-12S antenna divider/hub can separate 1 RF signal to 2 RF signals output or combine 2 RF signals to 1RF signal output. At the same time, it can transmit bias voltage to the front RF signal amplifier. It is a necessity for the large performance, make the layout of the antenna amplifier system more flexible!
Relacart R-12S antenna divider/hub
A large stage is an ordeal for the back stage staff. HR-31S match Relacart RWW1.1 software to use. RWW1.1 is one of Relacart self-development wireless digital system management software, which can scan out the real-time interference-free frequency, achieve wireless visualization. It provides system service, such as naming, grouping, adjust frequency, scan the dead spots for multiple devices via a computer, only need the time that set up one device to manage and set up a dozens of devices. In the countdown party, the host use 8 sets microphones, it can name for the 8 pieces of microphones that the hosts use, in addition to the convenient management, once a microphone has problem can immediately find the corresponding name to debug, make the staff work become simpler and more convenient.
RWW1.1 wireless digital monitoring and management software interface
Relacart HR-31S wireless performance system and antenna amplifier system face the complex and harsh outdoor environments, with excellent practicability and stability to conquer a great numbers of large performance ,and a day later will accompany you to enjoy more audio-visual feast.
Relacart technical team
Behind the scenes sharing: 
Main stage(Dinghu stage)
The second stage (UFO Cosmic space star stage)
A present popular host Mao Lin use Relacart H-31 wireless microphone for sound transmission
Guangdong TV station host Yang Sen use H-31 wireless microphone for sound transmission
Popular host Song Jiaqi and Relacart staff’s photo
The staff use Relacart H-31 wireless microphone for sound transmission
Super Trio Eric Tsang and actor Candice Yu
Singer Shabaoliang
Communication with Relacart Wireless Audio Engineer

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